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10 Best High Protein Fridge Foods
  • Extra lean ground turkey – I buy 4 pack at Costco, usually organic if available.
  • Greek yogurt – plain, no flavour, 0%. So far the only organic one I found is Oikos. Usually I buy Kirkland brand at Costco, Liberte or Chobani. I had no luck with Trader Joe’s or I’m there at the wrong time.
  • Cottage cheese – low fat or non-fat, organic. My favourite one is from Trader Joe’s. It’s very cheap and tasty.
  • Ground venison – I admit this one is weird, it’s not like a staple item in most North American fridges but it is in mine. This one runs in the wild and we catch it.:)
  • Pumpkin seed protein powder – Omega brand, it’s organic. Most health food and grocery stores carry it. My favourite dairy protein powder is whey from VegaOne (expensive) and President’s Choice (cheaper).
  • Egg whites – I seem to have hard time to find organic so most of the times I end up with cage free from Trader Joe’s or other grocery stores. Costco has only regular ones which I buy in emergency.
  • Turkey breast deli meat – extra lean. Try to find without too many preservatives. I usually buy at Costco. My other favourite one is Herb Roasted Turkey Beast from Columbus. You can get it at Costco and Trader Joe’s.
  • Part skim mozarella cheese – any low fat kind is great. Again preferably organic but it’s not always available and is quite expensive. I like Frigo from Costco.
  • Hummus – roasted red pepper hummus from Sabra is my favourite. It is available virtually anywhere.
  • Smoked salmon – as long as it’s wild. I do not buy farmed fish of any kind ever, even if it’s smoked. Again, Costco seems to have the best one. Also Real Canadian Superstore sells it. This source of protein is a bit spoiled by sodium so be careful.



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