How Was Summer

Hey, hey, hey. I thought it would be only fair I showed up with a life update, because last time we talked was April. And let’s be honest, I was a bit of an emotional mess. I owe you an update, which I decided to do separately from tomato and red onion salad from now on. Many things have happened since April, many good things, that I will share.

A Fight That Is Worth Fighting

An email in response to my yesterday’s emotions I received this morning. I cried again. That 1 person exists! Oh! Sweet Olena! As one who grew up surrounded by a huge family yet feeling removed and alone, even in crowded situations, I was labeled a “loner”. Couldn’t have been farther from the truth but it carried the truth, I longed to be part of groups, in school, as a young mom, as an older mom too! There had to be something about my introverted and extreme shyness that…
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I Have Been Feeling Emotional Lately

Lately, I have been feeling really emotional. I feel raw, exposed, defeated and hopeless. About our world, health, environment, human nature, values etc. Simply put – it is part of growing up and this is how I do it. I think it started while in Mexico. There was virtually no recycling. I think throwing out jars, plastic and cans every day, slowly added to my concern about environment. At home, we recycle everything and compost organics, I have the smallest garbage can in history. There, throwing literally everything into…
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11 Non Toxic Cleaning Products that Work for Me

Just in time for spring cleaning. Truth is my secret to a clean and organized home is a never ending “spring cleaning”. It de-stresses and makes me happy. So today, I am sharing my favourite non toxic cleaning products. Ever since we started paying attention to what food we nourish our body with, slowly over the years I have revamped my cleaning and personal care products arsenal. A light went off after I have read that skin is our largest organ. The fact that it is an organ like…
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We Are Going to Mexico for a Month

I have been dreaming of writing this post since October, as soon as we booked our place. And here I am, sitting in my car at the hockey rink’s parking lot, on the last day of February, listening to cars passing by in a slush and thinking that in a week I will finally get away from snow, and will be falling asleep listening to waves. We had a horrendous winter full of snow in place of usual PNW rain, and I swear I will never complain of…
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Moving On in a Size Department

Here is the truth – I used to wear shorts and jeans size 3 and 5. A few years ago, when I was working out 4-5 times a week and eating high protein and low carb diet. 2 years ago when I stopped dieting (yes, keep reading) and started eating complex carbs and generally enjoy life while still leading a clean eating lifestyle, I slowly gained a few lbs. I’m not sure how much because I do not own a scale. I’m honestly scared for numbers to rule…
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Snowed In

We got snowed in, I would say a few feet. I took this picture on Saturday during a walk and snow amount is double that today on Monday. Schools are closed and kids couldn’t be happier (and moms unhappier). Snow started falling on Friday morning, and that is when me and my friend, Katie, decided it was time to go to Costco to stock up on food before we die from hunger. Because it is totally possible in Canada in 2017.

Overcoming Winter Blues

And not with a glass of wine because then I would be drinking non-stop until March. January – February always have been my least favourite months of the year. Holidays are over, spring is far away, not to mention hot active summer months, and neither gorgeous fall is here to cheer me up with its foliage and beginning of school year, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I feel BLAH. BLEH. UGH. YUK. But don’t we all? Today I tried to work out and survived only 10 minutes. I like to…
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2017 Resolutions

Me and Alex do not believe in New Year’s resolutions much because when we decide to do something, we just do it. Whether eating healthy, working out or quitting smoking. I don’t need to be a better mom, be more present in my kids’ lives, spend less time with my phone, watch less TV, work out more, eat healthy etc. I think I pretty much got it all under control by age of 35 (in my own non-perfect way, but I embraced imperfection to a certain degree by…
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Christmas 2016 Came and Went

Christmas 2016 came and went. We baked cookies, sang carols, listened to Frank, drank hot chocolate, jumped in a hot tub, sipped on wine and even boarded our own Polar express for an annual family light tour. It snowed!!! We got a true white Christmas! We skied the Christmas Eve with clear skies on empty slopes. It was magical! Kids can ski – no babies, no babysitters and no lessons. It was magical! Santa came. Santa was good this year. He worked hard. Boys were happy. It was…
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