Hiking Artist Point at Mount Baker

This unforgettable experience was created in partnership with Curate snacks that have been deliciously fueling us along the way. We finally did it! Living only 1.5 hours away from Mount Baker, WA it took us 8 years to visit it. But I know we are not alone – life really gets in the way of enjoying the world around us. At the top we met a couple who lives 45 minutes away and it was their 1st time in 11 years. So, we are good, honey. We are good! We…
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Digital Detox at Mount Baker

This relaxing getaway in the woods of gorgeous PNW is kindly sponsored by Mt. Baker Lodging. Last weekend we have embarked on a short summer getaway in the woods adjacent to Mount Baker National Forest. Something we have never done before – staying in a log cabin in July. Without TV but WiFi. But who needs WiFi… Where mountain rivers flow… Logs warm you inside out… Marshmallows are roasted at night.

10 Ways to Relax with Kids in Osoyoos

I am here. I am alive. I haven’t disappeared. I just had a hell of a week. I am still recovering. I think it would be quite realistic to say that in summer I will be posting 2 posts a week. Last week anything that could go wrong with my body pretty much did. I had a bladder infection, stiff muscles from AC causing migraines, period and seasonal allergies. Seriously, could anything else happen to me all at once?! On top of that our oldest one’s ball hockey…
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Pizza, Bikes and Bellingham

On Friday, we loaded bikes and these two and off we went. Running away from house chores to create memories for when in nursing home. Bellingham, WA – have you ever been? We live an hour away across the border. For 7 years we used to visit strictly for shopping – cheap organic cheese & meat, clothing and booze. 2016 is a new era – Canadian $ sucks, I do not eat dairy, we don’t drink hard liquor and closets are bursting with stuff. In fact, so full that on Saturday we…
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Attending ShiftCon in Los Angeles

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?! Disneyland with kids does not count. We just returned from a 5 day trip attending ShiftCon conference – all about organic and non-GMO food, although it might not look like looking at the pictures. I swear I spent 2 days in an air conditioned hotel conference rooms eating kale and quinoa. By the way, Marriott Manhattan Beach was fantastic. Not cheap with Canadian $ exchange rate but we live only once, right?! Well, I know for sure I’m not a cat and am…
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Good Bye Summer: Long Beach, Reading List and Renos

I had a whirlwind of a summer! Oh boy, I can’t believe I survived! Especially August with endless Birthdays, trips and renos. We put in a pavers patio with pergola in the backyard, I redid kids’ bedrooms, updated laundry room. Kyle played ball hockey all month of June which was nuts since his team made it to playoffs and actually has won Gold. Also in June, I flew to Edmonton for a week for my mom’s kidney tumour surgery. That was insane but she will live and is doing well…
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On Top of the World with Steaz

Past weekend we headed down to Whistler, BC (Canada) for a mini vacation. We packed our runners, bikes, camera, clean food and Steaz® – delicious organic and fair trade green tea based beverages and a partner of mine that I will be telling you all about along with some breathtaking views and how we #Steaztheday. The ultimate goal of the trip was to climb (with a help of gondola and chairlifts) atop of Whistler Mountain. More likely you have seen inuksuk during Vancouver Olympics 2010 a gazillion times on TV….
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Whale Watching & Petting in Tofino, BC

If you have never been to Tofino, you should go!It is located on the west side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. A surfing capital of Canada, a cold one though.:) Tofino is a small town, known for the Long Beach, surfing, fishing and whale watching. Very different! The only way to get there is by ferry from Vancouver. And then a 3 hour windy road and a gorgeous drive. Total = 7 hours. Not close, so go for at least 3-4 days. If it’s your first time here,…
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Creating Memories at the Deception Pass

On my way to Los Cabos, while enjoying the breathtaking views, I finally had time to myself. What is your life about? For me, it’s all about creating memories. At the end of the day, that’s the only thing that stays with you forever and no one can take it away. I would be devastated if in 30-50 years I would not be able to close my eyes and smile.