On Top of the World with Steaz

Past weekend we headed down to Whistler, BC (Canada) for a mini vacation. We packed our runners, bikes, camera, clean food and Steaz® – delicious organic and fair trade green tea based beverages and a partner of mine that I will be telling you all about along with some breathtaking views and how we #Steaztheday. The ultimate goal of the trip was to climb (with a help of gondola and chairlifts) atop of Whistler Mountain. More likely you have seen inuksuk during Vancouver Olympics 2010 a gazillion times on TV….
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Whale Watching & Petting in Tofino, BC

If you have never been to Tofino, you should go!It is located on the west side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. A surfing capital of Canada, a cold one though.:) Tofino is a small town, known for the Long Beach, surfing, fishing and whale watching. Very different! The only way to get there is by ferry from Vancouver. And then a 3 hour windy road and a gorgeous drive. Total = 7 hours. Not close, so go for at least 3-4 days. If it’s your first time here,…
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Creating Memories at the Deception Pass

On my way to Los Cabos, while enjoying the breathtaking views, I finally had time to myself. What is your life about? For me, it’s all about creating memories. At the end of the day, that’s the only thing that stays with you forever and no one can take it away. I would be devastated if in 30-50 years I would not be able to close my eyes and smile.

A Weekend in Seattle & Piroshky

Ah, it’s been wonderful! Where do I begin?! My mom has been visiting so I really was able to do some wonderful things that I usually am not able to do. Like go for a run by myself, go tanning and visit Seattle! The whole weekend, by ourselves! No strollers, sippy cups and diapers in my suitcase this time. And no worries cause when my mom is taking care of my house and kids, it’s all taken care of! She is the best! THANK YOU, MOM!!!