What I Ate Weekend #6

Well, hi. I’m back. On Thursday, I fell a victim of a nasty cold, took Laurel’s advice to rest and then snow came in on Friday. Which is a very hard problem to understand for the rest of North America in December, I get it. But just so you know, if it snows in Vancouver life STOPS. It equals to almost the end of the world because it snows in PNW once every 10 years. But because of La Nina we got snow. And that is why I…
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What I Ate Weekend #5

Well, hi. How are you holding up these days? I’m beyond exhausted. When I say it, I mean it. I can handle a lot and now I’m hanging by a thread. I start dreaming of bedtime at noon now. Long story short it seems like anytime I think I did it all an essential item that has to be done like making dinner or packing lunch pops up. I have already eliminated all non-life threatening activities. I have done zero Christmas shopping at the store. I haven’t been to…
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What I Ate Weekend #4

Friday night me and Alex went out on “a date” which involved shopping at Value Village. I know! I find it very good for kids brand name clothing. I have bought wonderful things there for dirt cheap. I honestly got tired of spending hundreds of $s on kids clothing when they grow so fast. So, I will take and buy all good hand me downs. More money for my Lululemon. Also, before we move on, I have to be honest and say the past week has been so…
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What I Ate Weekend #3

I feel like the US female clean eating population went into post-election and pre-Thanksgiving coma. Where is everybody, America? Are my Canadian girls buying parkas? Are you in the gym getting some natural high? Are you shopping for a stretchy pants? Are you recovering after the weekend? What did you eat SOOOO GOOD or BAD this weekend that we should all know about? Let’s talk! I need a good laugh after my 5 year old’s end of the world tantrum this morning. Seriously, when are these tantrums gonna end? He is…
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What I Ate Weekend #2

Friday Night This weekend started with shopping at Costco on Friday afternoon. $500 poof. Gone. Bye bye. For dinner was mini won tons in a chicken stock with kale and green onions. When we got home I cooked a huge pot of chicken stock with leftover chicken bones from making butter chicken spaghetti squash boats. This was dinner. Dinner made or planned by Alex miracle didn’t happen this week or weekend at all. I’m not sure I am even mad at this point anymore.

What I Ate Weekend #1

I’m starting new series due to a popular demand from a reader’s survey and due to just plain common sense. So many of us (including me) have no problem eating clean during the week but Friday night rolls in and our guards are down. I mean we are just simply tired. I get it. My hopes for these series are that if you see what I eat on weekends it will give you an idea how to structure your meals without waking up on Monday morning beating yourself…
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