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I moved, I moved, I moved…Finally! I found fast, cheap and reliable web hosting for WordPress and moved And the winner is…InMotion hosting!

So far my blog is flying and is not going up and down. For the last couple of months it was a nightmare to run this blog on FatCow web hosting. The website would be down for a period of anywhere between 5-40 minutes. Can you imagine?! I would go on my website and it’s dead. And the same thing would happen to other 2,000 visitors that visit my food blog every day.

We tried to talk to FatCow with no luck. The worst part, there was no warning or apologizing emails. No explanations whatsoever. Never.

If you want to check how is your web hosting company performing, sign up for a free Uptime Robot and when/if every time your website goes down & back up you would get an email. Pretty cool although I wish I never received those emails.

In the past we have tried GoDaddy as well with a big disappointment in their speed and customer service. My husband’s background is in web design, so he deals with web hosting for small businesses on a regular basis. With time you have to analyze your web hosting provider’s performance, the same way you revisit and update the design of your blog. It was time for a change for iFOODreal.

But it’s all behind us now and here is why we love InMotion web hosting for WordPress:

1. Cheap. Business hosting starts at only $5.99 per month. Basic VPS hosting is only $29.99 a month (compare to other hosts that charge at least $50/month). I will be moving to VPS once iFOODreal reaches 5,000 visits per day. Right now we are at 1,500-2000 and it’s fine.

2. It is super fast, my blog is flying. Reload this page right now and see how long it takes.

3. No downtime! Oh, is this ever important?!

4. 24 hour US customer support. Guess what?! As soon as I signed up, I received a phone call from the US (not overseas) representative to verify my information and answer any questions I had. Pretty cool for 2013, huh?!

5. 90 day money back guarantee. Yes, if something goes wrong or you don’t like it, you get all your money back!

6. Data backup every 24-36 hours.

7. Easy transfer from other hosts and Our move from FatCow went super smooth, no hiccups.

8. 1-Click Easy Install with Softaculous. It will install the latest version of WordPress on your blog with one click.

 Do you have a personal experience with any above mentioned web hosting providers?




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And in case you are wondering how much money is iFOODreal making, here is a list of income reports:

April 2013 – $86.18
March 2013 – $33.62

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