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Ah, it’s been wonderful! Where do I begin?! My mom has been visiting so I really was able to do some wonderful things that I usually am not able to do. Like go for a run by myself, go tanning and visit Seattle! The whole weekend, by ourselves! No strollers, sippy cups and diapers in my suitcase this time. And no worries cause when my mom is taking care of my house and kids, it’s all taken care of! She is the best! THANK YOU, MOM!!!

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In a single month of February I have made chia pudding at least 8 times: vanilla chia pudding, raspberry chia pudding and papaya chia pudding. I think I’m done for now. My family is begging me to stop.:) First, I test the recipe. If it’s good I remake it, take pictures and post it here. Sometimes I test the recipes 3 times. It’s rare but it happens. I loved this particular coconut mango chia pudding from the very first try! It’s my favourite out of all chia pudding…
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The Greek classic without the guilt and still full of flavour – crustless spinach feta quiche. High in protein, calcium & vitamin C. Only 110 calories and 3 WW points +. Essentially, it is unwrapped spanakopita baked as a pie. Just the filling, no pastry. Made with fresh herbs, light feta cheese and frozen spinach, this pie is a great healthy alternative to green cupcakes this St. Patrick’s Day.

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My mom is visiting here for 10 days, so I’m taking advantage of the situation as much as I can.:) On Monday morning I walked my oldest son to school without my 2 year old in tow. It was very unusual and different for me. As soon as we left the house this view opened up. The heat coming from houses on a sunny crispy morning with the mountains on the background – gorgeous! I couldn’t get enough of it but it was just a beginning!

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I finally got time to post this whey protein cookie recipe instead of teasing everyone with iPhone photos. Super quick and easy protein powder cookie recipe made with America’s all times favourite peanut butter and chocolate chips. This recipe makes great pre- and post-workout snack. It is also a great playground and shopping trip snack. Only 88 calories each, 2 WW points, super moist, have distinct peanut butter taste, naturally sweet cookies. And so easy plus great for freezing.

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Another quinoa recipe. Yes, I’m on a quinoa roll this week. I already made cilantro lime quinoa salad, now this lemon quinoa salad. Can’t help it. It just happens! I keep making quinoa. But wait, it gets even better! I made it actually 3 times. And that’s between Tuesday and Wednesday, so in 2 days. I was out of lime and avocado to make cilantro lime kind but already had cooked quinoa. I opened my fridge and it happened – lemon quinoa salad with sliced cherry tomatoes, crumbled…
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Quinoa salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber and ripe avocado…drizzled with freshly squeezed lime juice and sprinkled with freshly chopped cilantro. Screams summer in January to me! One of my favourite quinoa recipes of all times from the kitchen of iFOODreal. As always easy, quick & healthy.  

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This baked white fish recipe is one of my mom’s recipes. Adapted, lightened up, non-fried…What else?! Why? Hold your breath…Original recipe calls for 2 cups of mayo. OK, now breathe.:) I can’t believe we were eating it this way for years. I got away with it because I was a child, I guess. But honestly, everything was made with mayo. That’s the only dressing type of sauce we had back then. So everything was made with mayo. Basically, you could throw a bunch of any ingredients together and…
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I originally started experimenting with so popular 3 ingredient banana protein pancakes – banana, whey protein powder and egg whites. They are not bad but the texture reminds me more of a sweet omelette. After about at least 10 different variations of ingredients, I have settled on these oatmeal protein pancakes. Fluffy enough, not too chewy, sweet in moderation, completely healthy, packed with 5 g of protein and only 43 calories each! Sounds good to me. I usually have 4-5 pancakes and am good till lunch. My favourite…
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