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To me, an obvious healthy food enthusiast, there is nothing better than making a healthy dinner with fresh vegetables and herbs on a summer day. And this quinoa casserole is perfect for that. The flavours scream summer to me: black beans, corn, bell peppers, cilantro, scallions and coconut milk. A hybrid of modern Mexican and Thai cuisines. Makes a perfect easy, healthy, vegetarian and gluten free dinner!

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Healthy, low fat and quick dip, perfect for summer BBQ. Oven or grill roasted eggplant combined with seasonal bell peppers, fresh parsley & basil, and savoury feta cheese. Full of vitamins, nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. Serve with multigrain or whole wheat pita chips and it will be gone! Only 51 calories and 1 WW point + per 1/4 cup serving.

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I’m not a complicated breakfast person and if neither are you, then you will love this healthy and easy Spinach Bird’s Nest Eggs breakfast recipe! Organic egg and extra egg whites panfried with spinach, onion and bell pepper in a tomato paste sauce. Previously, I was scared of the eggs because of the fat and cholesterol content. Last week I was reading a Clean Eating magazine issue and came across famous Tosca Reno bragging how she eats eggs every day?!

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Easy and healthy grilled chicken recipe, just in time for the grilling season and hot weather! Meaty chicken thighs marinated in sweet zesty marinade of coconut milk, lime juice and fresh cilantro. Jalapeno pepper adds a tiny spicy kick to the chicken that is still kid friendly. Feel free to add more jalapenos for a spicier version. The recipe is so easy, you can marinate the chicken the day before and grill it on a weeknight after work.

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There are a lot of pasta and rice casserole recipes but I haven’t see many quinoa casseroles. Quinoa is a new queen of healthy whole grains, full of complete protein and contains all essential amino acids. Treat it like rice but quinoa is even better. Has a nutty taste with a crunchy texture, fills you up with good quality calories and helps the weight loss. Real food at its best! And hey, if you have lots of leftover quinoa from last night’s dinner and ground turkey in the…
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Last month I went on a vacation to all inclusive resort in Mexico for a week. I worked out every day, ate healthy, soaked up lots of sun and came home skinny and happy. Not only didn’t I gain any weight, I also got a flatter stomach. How? By eating healthy foods and treats in moderation, by working out on a regular basis. I just want to share with you what worked for me and show what you can eat on a vacation without coming home and bringing…
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“Hello. I’m coffee. Nice to meet you. I’m Olena’s newest addiction.” Well, not that new but since the baby #2 sleepless nights “yeeees” and “yeeees” and “yeeees”. Luckily those nights are gone and are NEVER coming back! Until those nights I never touched coffee, needless to say I would never create an iced coffee recipe. Nowadays, I would be willing to brew fresh ground coffee every morning just to make my house smell like Starbucks or my Italian neighbours’ house. On a hot summer day, this glass of healthy…
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Cream…cream…cream…This cream is super tasty and good for you! Vegan, vegetarian and completely raw cream. Combine it with juicy raspberries, superfood chia seeds and some almond milk, you get this Raw Raspberries & Cream Chia Pudding. The morning after I made this chia pudding, I got a text from Alex. And Alex texts me every morning after leaving to work. Usually it’s “Morning, babe. How are you?”. But that morning it was a different text…

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Baby spinach, leafy kale, tiny chia seeds…All those are super foods and make this green stuff  > THE STUFF! Apple, cucumber and lemon are there for an extra health benefit but most importantly to make this smoothie drinkable. It tastes totally bearable and even delicious! Apple adds sweeteness without adding too much sugar and cucumber adds coolness. You know that summery refreshing cool feeling mint and cucumber have?! That’s the one! So, it’s delicious! MIL/sausage lover/junk food enthusiast’s verdict was “Mmmmmmm…mmmmmmm…mmmm”. Yes, I’m a good DIL. I feed…
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I have no idea why I have been putting off baking these yellow bundles of joy bursting with fresh strawberries?! Made with only whole wheat flour, protein powder and no added sugar, you get a strawberry flavour with every muffin’s bite. I know why. If you are a baker you know how hard it is to get goods made with only whole wheat flour to rise. And secondly, whey protein could make muffins dry and rubbery. OK, you know how Lululemon bags say “Face one fear a day”?!…
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