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Coconut Mango Chia Pudding Recipe

In a single month of February I have made chia pudding at least 8 times. I think I’m done for now. My family is begging me to stop.:) First, I test the recipe. If it’s good I remake it, take pictures and post it here. Sometimes I test the recipes 3 times. It’s rare but it happens. I loved this particular Coconut Mango chia pudding from the very first try! It’s my favourite out of all chia pudding recipes I made last month.

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No Crust Greek Spinach & Feta Pie

The Greek classic without the guilt and still full of flavour. Healthy spinach and feta pie with no crust. High in protein, calcium & vitamin C. Only 110 calories and 3 WW points +. Essentially, it is unwrapped spanakopita baked as a pie. Just the filling, no pastry. Made with fresh herbs, light feta cheese and frozen spinach, this pie is a great healthy alternative to green cupcakes this St. Patrick’s Day.

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4 Ingredient Protein Banana Truffle Balls Recipe

One day I was browsing Pinterest and saw a great idea for a quick snack – banana pieces dipped in chocolate. I got intrigued and knew I had to make it, but I had an idea. One time I saw homemade truffles recipe and thought why not to combine these two and add some protein powder. Yes, I love unflavoured protein powder with no added sugar or artificial flavours. So far, this is my favourite one. 

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My mom is visiting here for 10 days, so I’m taking advantage of the situation as much as I can.:) On Monday morning I walked my oldest son to school without my 2 year old in tow. It was very unusual and different for me. As soon as we left the house this view opened up. The heat coming from houses on a sunny crispy morning with the mountains on the background – gorgeous! I couldn’t get enough of it but it was just a beginning!

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15 Minute+5 Ingredient High Protein Cookies Recipe

Hi guys. I finally got time to post this whey protein cookie recipe instead of teasing everyone with iPhone photos on my Facebook and Instagram.:) Super quick and easy protein powder cookie recipe made with America’s all times favourite peanut butter and chocolate chips. Here is a shocking fact: I have never seen, smelled or tasted peanut butter until 2010. I know, shocking!More shocking facts: I have never seen chocolate chips until 2001 either. Now we are best friends! I buy peanut butter in bulk. Only organic or all natural…
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High Protein Low Fat Tuna Salad Recipe

You know those tub salads you can find at any grocery store?! Potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw salad, seafood salad etc. They make me cringe. Just their look – white carbs and starches, drenching in cups and cups of mayo, sitting in plastic container for days. Coleslaw is the worst one. Why is it so unnaturally green?! I think I tried that tub macaroni salad once.

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Workout Snack - Coconut Protein Balls Recipe

I will be short and sweet today.:) Literally sweet because I rolled 32 of coconut protein balls today and was totally covered in coconut flakes and sticky dough. But I’m not complaining. It took only 20 minutes from start to finish. These coconut protein balls make great pre or post workout snack. Just like this Slimming Blueberry Protein Shake or Guilt-Free Chocolate Protein Shake. Or healthy-mommy-on-the-run-to-the-playground snack. Or busy-mommy-no-time-for-breakfast snack. Or no-time-to-eat-for-mommy-ever snack. Kidding.

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High Protein & No Added Sugar Papaya Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

No added sugar, vegan, gluten free and high in protein simple & quick pudding recipe with chia seeds. Prep time = 2 minutes, cooking time = 0 mins. Gotta love that! Chia seed is the new superfood that is sold in any grocery store and is recommended by many athletes and other health authorities. There is also a belief chia seeds help in weight loss but studies remain inconclusive. According to the USDA, a 1 oz serving of chia seeds contains 9 g of fat, 11 g of fiber and 4 g of protein.

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This dessert combines 2 of my favourite foods ever – dark chocolate and Greek yogurt. In other words, it’s all about no bake, crustless, low carb, easy and healthy (ier) mini cheesecakes made with Greek yogurt, low fat cream cheese and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a special place in my diet and heart.:) I prefer it over the cake or ice cream. It tastes exquisite and is so good for you.

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Healthy mango muffins made with wheat bran, protein powder, coconut oil and of course fresh chopped mango. No sugar or white flour here. Low in carbs, high in protein & loaded with good fats, these healthy muffin recipe scores at only 119 calories & 3 WW points+. Makes a great pre and post-workout snack, satisfies sweet tooth craving and even can replace breakfast. I’m a huge fan of protein powder. Unflavoured, without preservatives and artificial sweeteners. So far I have tried whey, brown rice and pumpkin seed. Protein…
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