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I often get asked what do I do for workouts, where I work out and what equipment do I use. I thought I would clear the air.:) There is a common misconception that I lost weight running and I run a lot. I didn’t and I don’t. I have a dedicated workout space at home, own basic equipment & follow a secret routine.:) Joking, not secret here… I run occasionally on nice sunny days when I feel like a breath of fresh air. I usually do a 5-7…
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Salsa Guacamole Dip is one of the easiest and healthiest appetizers. Fresh tomatoes, diced red onion, freshly chopped cilantro… Adding mor veggies will help to lower the fat from avocados, although this kind of fat is good for you! Only 256 calories and 7 WW points+ per 3/4 cup serving.

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These Strawberry Protein Cake Bars won’t taste like any “diet” food! Sweet, moist and fluffy. You won’t even taste the garbanzo beans. And I promise you won’t miss the whipping cream either. Only 96 calories, 5.8 g of sugar & 2 WW points+ per bar. Pinch me. A whole new level of clean eating and dessert snacking. And by the way, I was snacking on these protein bars as I was writing my April Income Report, Blogging Tips & Life.

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Garbanzo Bean Vanilla Protein Cake Recipe

Summer is coming and it means fresh berries, cool drinks and light desserts. I’ve had a trifle recipe on my mind for quite a while now. Just need the berry season to arrive. I also was looking for a basic vanilla cake recipe to use instead of traditional sponge cake. I spent many evenings in my bed thinking how to make it. And thought why not to take my protein chocolate cake and make it a vanilla one with some adjustments.

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Crunchy iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes & hydrating cucumber…Those are the vegetables. Easy vegetables…That’s cool! What makes this spring salad super awesome are these Baked Roasted Almond Chicken Strips & this new light blue cheese dressing I made. Aaaaand only 230 calories & 6 WW points+, and you are full! Well, maybe 1.5 times that because it’s really delicious. On the days I work out, it might take me triple that…

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I love one meal salads. This Thai Chicken, Kale & Mango Salad is one of them. Traditional Thai flavours meet superfood – kale. Raw kale, fresh mango, lean chicken breast & roasted unsalted peanuts drizzled with Lime Chili Vinaigrette, make this salad a complete healthy meal. Only 324 calories and 8 WW points+ for 2 cups.

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Hydrating protein smoothie full of electrolytes and potassium, makes a great post-workout recovery drink. Made with fresh coconut water, bananas, light coconut milk and organic brown rice protein. In the past year or two, coconut water became extremely popular among elite athletes and celebrity personal trainers. Coconut water health benefits include low in calories, fat free and has more potassium than four bananas.

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Healthy stir fry is a no brainer. Just combine some protein, vegetables and healthy noodles, and you are good to go. Soba noodles are quick to cook, usually made of a whole grain like buckwheat, which means they provide more fiber than wheat or rice noodles. Stir frying these noodles with a bunch of kale and other vegetables is a huge benefit. Also if you can find organic soba noodles like I did that would be great. I paid only $0.80 per package.