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Extra lean ground turkey – I buy 4 pack at Costco, usually organic if available. Greek yogurt – plain, no flavour, 0%. So far the only organic one I found is Oikos. Usually I buy Kirkland brand at Costco, Liberte or Chobani. I had no luck with Trader Joe’s or I’m there at the wrong time. Cottage cheese – low fat or non-fat, organic. My favourite one is from Trader Joe’s. It’s very cheap and tasty.

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Enjoy this shake instead of a dessert on a Saturday night, as a couch snack while watching your favorite reality show or even as a meal replacement. Guilt-free and under your daily calorie intake. Guaranteed! If you are like me and like to entertain then weekend is the time when my willpower is being tested. If cheesecake, apple pie or cannoli is on the menu and you are trying to lose the last 10, 20 or 50 lbs, simply excuse yourself for 2 minutes and whip up this…
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This recipe has been inspired by the recent popularity of juicing and by my neighbours. In an attempt to lose my belly fat I talked to my neighbour who trains NHL players and his wife who looks amazing. Among couple suggestions he gave me was juicing particularly vegetable juicing. Now, anybody who knows me knows I’m against juices particularly fruit ones. Homemade are a little bit better than store-bought ones but not by much. You are way better off eating the whole fruit or vegetable full of fiber and micro…
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