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Salmon with tomato sauce and capers recipe is browned until fish is crispy and then cooked in delicious spicy sauce for 20 minutes on a stovetop. |

Today I’m sharing this juicy, a tiny bit spicy (more is up to you), Middle Eastern inspired salmon with tomato sauce and capers (or green olives). My sister-in-law shared a picture of her salmon a few years back and I couldn’t get it out of my head. This salmon came out different from what I have had in mind but we all loved it, children included. It takes about 30-40 minutes to make which makes it a perfect easy healthy dinner. Serve with brown rice, whole wheat pasta or quinoa; or roasted veggies, or salad. You name it.

I’m sharing this salmon in tomato sauce on He and She Eat Clean blog, authored by Whitney, who is as honest about clean eating and body image as me. We both also share similar love for budgeting, living minimalistically and enjoying life.

Click here for recipe.


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