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I’m all about minimalism and simplicity these Holidays. To be completely honest, I’m done all my Christmas shopping and I haven’t even drove a mile doing it. All online and only kids are covered. Christmas shopping is the time of the year when I’m super happy to have a very small family (me, Alex, boy #1, boy#2). Joking. I already had presents for friends and my mom will get one big special present if she manages to fly out.

Me and Alex agreed not to buy presents for each other because…seriously, how much more stuff do we need?! We have everything, like everything-everything, or just go and buy whatever we want. I’m not talking about diamonds, cars or boats. That we don’t care about, maybe a boat in a few years would be nice. However, Alex says my understanding of a boat might take 10 years.

Anyways, if you need or want to buy presents, I put together a list of practical, sustainable and affordable items I use around my kitchen. All these items I either own, tested or looked through. All iFOODreal approved. And the best part is they won’t break the bank.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours down South. If anyone of you live in WA, just drop me a note and we will pop by for some turkey since we celebrated Thanksgiving last month. What is 4 more people to feed, right?!:)

Happy Holidays!


French Press $19.99

4.5 stars 475 reviews

One of the readers left me a comment saying I MUST try making coffee using French Press and throw out my plastic drip coffee machine. OMG, what a difference in taste and my countertops have even more space. Thank you, a wonderful human being!


Jamie Oliver Paring Knife $19.99

4.5 stars 15 reviews

I have a deep respect for everything Jamie does to keep our world healthy. Confession: I am yet to try any of his recipes. To me Jamie screams Quality and I was right when I invested in his paring knife. It beats Henckels and Wustoff with its sharpness and design. Oh, and the price tag as well.


Stainless Steel Straws $7.50

5 stars 703 reviews


I love that my kids do not chew on plastic when drinking smoothies and juice. I am yet to use the brush – straws stay clean without it.


Spiralizer $26.95

4.5 stars 1,067 reviews


You probably have heard about it so much by now, time try one or give it as a gift. Turns any veggies and firm fruit into “noodles” with various shape blades.


Small Spiralizer $14.95

4.5 stars 2,355 reviews

If you do not have much cabinet space in your kitchen to store a bigger spiralizer, this one is for you.


Inspiralized Cookbook $11.99

4.5 stars 617 reviews

Recipe ideas for a spiralizer.


Reusable Food Wraps $6.49

4.5 stars 20 reviews


I received these at Shiftcon as a sample and 2 months later I love them. Easy to clean, hold a shape of a sandwich and no waste. Means I do not have to sort through a bunch of recycling from kids’ lunch bags. I love these!!!


Family Size Slow Cooker $29.99

4.5 stars 1,272 reviews


I can’t express how much respect I have for my slow cooker! It cooks roasts, chicken and soups while I’m doing something else. I use recipes with 10 minute prep time the most. I have many slow cooker recipes posted here and in the eBook.


Stainless Steel In & Out Food Thermos $14.65

4 stars 41 reviews

The only thermos with stainless steel lid inside. The trick is to let it stand filled with boiling water for 5 minutes before adding hot food.


Glass Citrus Juicer $12.95

4 stars 53 reviews

no plastic for acidic fruits. Good for a small batch juicing for salad dressings, baking and hot lemon water.


OXO Wooden Rimmer $5.99

5 stars 393 reviews

A smaller and different version of a citrus fruit rimmer.


Stovetop Whistling Kettle $14.20

4 stars 372 reviews

Keeps countertops clean and no plastic comes in contact with hot water unlike with electric kettles.


Silicone Muffin Pan $12.20

5 stars 564 reviews

Easy to pop out muffins without extra flour or grease and no harmful non-stick coating.


8 Cup Food Processor $34.99

4.5 stars 1,194 reviews

Small but mighty. Clean eating without food processor is hard. I use mine all the time.


Top 6 Essential Oils $19.95

4.5 stars 2,825 reviews

Amazing smelling home without inhaling harmful chemicals.


Essential Oil Diffuser $26.99

4.5 stars 779 reviews

This is my discovery of the year. Alex got me one for my Birthday and we all love it. Besides a nice smell each essential oil has its own healing power.


Microplane Zester/Grater $12.95

4.5 stars 2,365 reviews

A Ukrainian without a sharp garlic grater is like an Asian  without a rice cooker. By the way I do not know what is all hype about but if you dig it, here is a good one.


Salad Spinner $29.95

4 stars 2,773 reviews

Perfect for kale and other greens.


Thug Kitchen Party Grub Cookbook $14.99

5 stars 46 reviews

Simple, healthy and vegan recipes now for get togethers. This is new. I love old Thug Kitchen too.


Stainless Steel Immersion Blender $19.94

4 stars 696 reviews

Perfect for making cauliflower “mashed potatoes”.



Oh She Glows Cookbook $14.12

5 stars 1,111 reviews

Tasty, foolproof and different vegan recipes.


Silly Family Game $28

4.5 stars 256 reviews

I had to have this game. You have to watch this video. Such a simple and silly game but so much fun. Can’t wait to receive mine. Perfect for so many winter days off ahead of us.


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