Homemade Protein Bars

  The best homemade protein bars I ever made, besides quaker protein bars and chocolate coconut protein bars. These are to die for! Delicious, moist and extremely crunchy inside and outside. Every bite feels like a Crispy Crunch bite. You know that bar?! Even if you skip the topping, the protein bars are crunchy. Although that means missing out on toasted almonds and chocolate. How can you skip that and why?! Believe it or not, nutritional info won’t change much if you omit the topping. I played around with these protein bars…
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No Bake Nutella Pie

After promising this no bake nutella pie recipe a bazillion of times, it is finally here. It ended up being easier said than done in December. Amazing how time gets “eaten” by what we have to do vs. what we would rather do. But I finally did it – “baked”, photographed and “gave birth” online to this healthy chocolate hazelnut pie. And if you are not into chocolate, you might like my healthy peanut butter pie, no bake banana cream pie or no bake pumpkin pie. Prepare to be amazed…
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Healthy Rum Balls

Until today, if you asked my boys what are their most vivid Christmas memories besides a psychic Santa at the mall (thanks to a bluetooth ear piece) and going on a West Coast Express Santa train downtown to drink free hot chocolate and juice at daddy’s work, they would have said “Mom listening to Frank Sinatra non-stop”. And they would have also added immediately “She listens to him all year round!!!”. Every July Adam asks me “Mommy, why are you listening to Christmas music in summer?”. Well, what can I…
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Healthy Almond Cake

Honestly, there is a reason I don’t bake. If I start experimenting with baking I just know that I will be eating non-stop. Eating is a part of my job. Like with this flourless almond cake recipe – I swear me and Alex ate most of it when I first made it for Easter. Yes, it is a healthy almond cake but it is still sugar and a cake. I ain’t gonna fool myself. I can’t stop with desserts so I trained myself better not to start at all. Plus…
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Almond Breakfast Smoothie

I find breakfast the most boring meal of the day. And I think it is not only me because health world has embraced vanilla chia pudding, quinoa egg muffins and mango lassi smoothie bowl with a big fat “welcome”. If you are not health conscious you can grab a size of your head muffin at a bakery in your office building, order an egg sausage sandwich at the nearest drive thru or eat a bowl of sugary cereal. 3-4 bucks and you are done. Sigh, that is easy but is…
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Almond Crusted Chicken

A healthy version of chicken strips that are baked instead of fried, and coated in ground almonds in place of breadcrumbs. Old almond crusted chicken recipe of mine that was desperately screaming for a picture makeover. Now, that the light in my kitchen is so much better with new countertops, you don’t have to ask me twice to grab a camera. This almond crusted chicken came out fantastic – crunchy on the outside, moist inside and full of flavour. We joked with our 4 year old at a dinner…
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Healthy No Bake Peanut Butter Bars

OMG these healthy no bake peanut butter bars! 6 squares you see was everything we had left in 2 days. That is all I got to photograph. They were so good, we ate them all, even my 4 year old gobbled them up and 8 year old was away camping. That means 3 of us ate a lot of peanut butter oat bars. All they contain is almonds, oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut flakes and a bit of maple syrup. You can add maple syrup and chocolate chips as…
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Almond Muffins with Berries

These almond muffins are not your traditional whole wheat muffins like whole wheat apple muffins or whole wheat pumpkin muffins! Made with almond flour (just ground up almonds and no worries I won’t be switching to arrowroot powder or tapioca starch any time soon), organic almond extract and coconut flakes, these blueberry and cherry almond muffins turned out exceptionally fluffy and OMG delicious!!! The edges reminded me of a cake my mom used to make with very well whipped eggs, butter and flour; similar to my healthy almond cake. In…
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Creamy Almond Salad Recipe

Today I’m extremely proud to talk about local, sustainable and 100% organic company – Blue Moon Organics. Plus making OMG vegan creamy salad dressing (no soaking of cashews is required), which is perfect for using on salads made with any vegetables (tip – from your Organic Produce Box).:) Blue Moon Organics is a family business delivering certified organic fruits and vegetables, certain grocery items and raw pet food. Started in 1997 by Antal and Kelly Boros, now their kids are actively involved too.

Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars

I do not hide the fact I’m super picky with protein powders – they gotta be clean! Last month I wrote why I ditched whey protein and what are my favourite good tasting and healthy plant-based protein powders. A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary “GMO OMG” and wrote about what I learnt from it – very sad overall but we can change that! With every organic purchase we make we cast a vote, and define the landscape of our food system – for us and our kids.