4 Ingredient Protein Banana Truffle Balls Recipe

One day I was browsing Pinterest and saw a great idea for a quick snack – banana pieces dipped in chocolate. I got intrigued and knew I had to make it, but I had an idea. One time I saw homemade truffles recipe and thought why not to combine these two and add some protein powder. Yes, I love unflavoured protein powder with no added sugar or artificial flavours. So far, this is my favourite one. 

Whey Protein Cookie Recipe

Hi guys. I finally got time to post this whey protein cookie recipe instead of teasing everyone with iPhone photos. Super quick and easy protein powder cookie recipe made with America’s all times favourite peanut butter and chocolate chips. Here is a shocking fact: I have never seen, smelled or tasted peanut butter until 2010. I know, shocking! More shocking facts: I have never seen chocolate chips until 2001 either. Now we are best friends! I buy peanut butter in bulk. Only organic or all natural and unsalted is a…
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Banana Bread Coconut Muffins with Carob Chips

Healthy Banana Bread Muffins Recipe with coconut flakes and carob chips – healthy treat without sacrificing the flavour or moisture. I basically have transformed my Easy Whole Wheat Banana Bread into muffins with slight modifications, of course.:) The trick was to reduce sugar amount while still ending up with moist muffins. They turned out well. I like the crunch from coconut flakes and bursts of natural sweetness from carob chips.