Spaghetti Squash Boats Tex Mex

These spaghetti squash boats is one of the best dinners I made. The texture, the flavour, the smell and the calories…all to die for! What a great light dinner, and it wasn’t hard. I had these 2 spaghetti squash laying in my fridge and no plan. I have made spaghetti squash casserole before and wanted to try the boats.

Turkey Taco Soup

You can pull off this turkey taco soup mostly with pantry ingredients and minimal effort, because this healthy taco soup is either ready quickly on a stovetop or cooks itself in slow cooker while you are gone. Whatever method you choose, I’m sure it will work perfectly for this chaotic time of the year with back to school and sports. I’m certainly feeling “under the weather” of math homework and hockey tryouts. But then summer is nice, but kids are home – no perfect scenario in this life exists….
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Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe

When I still had post-baby weight to lose, every Monday night I would watch The Biggest Loser. I found show motivational and relatable. One episode, there was healthy turkey chili recipe made and that recipe became a staple in our house, for over 5 years now. This ground turkey chili is healthier than its traditional counterparts because it’s made with leaner turkey instead of beef, chock full of vegetables and uses simple preservative-free spices like organic taco seasoning and chili powder (=> 3 must have homemade spice recipes)….
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Mexican Bean Salad Recipe

I love hearty salads like Mango Black Bean Salad, Creamy Mexican Kale Salad or Chickpea Avocado Salad. A mix of fresh and juicy vegetables with lots of flavour from herbs and spices. Then add some beans for a protein boost and avocado for healthy fats punch, and you got a winner. This Mexican Bean Salad is a winner! I like to add cucumber for a crunch to any bean salad. I was out of cilantro that day and used green onions instead. Not the same but still good. Sometimes I also…
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One Pan Tex Mex Chicken and Zucchini

This chicken and zucchini is a variation of my black bean quinoa casserole with added chicken for a protein boost and quinoa replaced by zucchini. Everything is cooked within 30 minutes, right in one pan. Tender chicken breast, soft black beans, sweet corn and zucchini, which is added at the very end to preserve the crunchiness.  

One Pot Chili Mac with Beer

In a true Thug Kitchen’s style, I should say holy f*** about this one pot chili mac with beer I made from their new cookbook Thug Kitchen 101 (reminds me of my pasta with cauliflower in terms of layering flavours with plant-based ingredients). It is seriously, THE shit, in my own words (just like this healthy pasta). Chili meets macaroni and cheese, meets soup. The spices were spot on. Perfect winter comfort food like for right now when it is snowing AGAIN. I’m writing this post and soft snow is…
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Ground Turkey Stew

I kept this ground turkey stew simple – ground turkey, cannellini beans, kale, Kalamata olives and fresh herbs. The flavours are much of a Mediterranean origin here. Sweet pieces of turkey meat, soft white beans, chewy kale, tangy Kalamata olives in a savoury tomato broth – this ground turkey vegetables stew came out delicious! And the older it is, the better it gets. Just like wine.

Greens and Beans Recipe

Greens and beans recipe with artichoke hearts. If you like spinach and artichoke dip or loved my spinach artichoke quinoa casserole, then I can guarantee you will like this 20 minute vegetarian dinner. The day I made it was rainy and I was craving something warm, cozy and creamy. March is quickly becoming my least favourite month of the year. Kids get sick as temperatures rise, I suffer from constant headaches with weather changes and outside is simply disgusting – neither warm, nor cold and windy (no evening…
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Stovetop Zucchini Noodles Lasagna

No, there was no zucchini noodles lasagna or pasta lasagna on our dinner’s menu growing up in Ukraine. The closest I could get the taste of Italy was by hiding in a dark cold room with a knife and slicing leg of prosciutto my uncle brought from Italy. I still remember it vividly – bright red glossy leg hanging on a door. How can a 9 year old resist that?! So, now I know if I could slice food hanging in the air in the dark with a paring knife, my…
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Beef and Bean Soup with Wild Rice

I love “stick to your ribs” soups, like slow cooker butternut squash soup, hearty minestrone soup, bean mushroom soup, and this beef and bean soup, and so do my kids. Good news because soup is cheap, makes great leftovers and can be easily made clean eating. In fact, most homemade soups are clean. The issue arises when you eat out. I never order a soup at a restaurant because that is not what I go to a restaurant for. Restaurant is for something I can’t make at home. Like a killer…
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