Lighter Fajita Quesadillas Recipe

Quesadillas makes a quick lunch or dinner. I found a way to make them healthier with sprouted whole grain tortillas, only 2 tbsp of cheese and stuff as many veggies as I can. I left the choice of protein up to you – leftover chicken or turkey work great. I personally saw these quesadillas as a chance for a vegetarian dinner and used organic medium firm tofu. Because of so much flavour going on here, the kids thought tofu was chicken. And tofu is pretty tasteless on its own and absorbs flavours…
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Lentil Chili with Smoked Paprika

Lentils were on my mind since past weekend, again thanks to the food bloggers conference. Canadian Lentils was the official sponsor and as you can imagine, we had lentils for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Literally. Surprisingly, upon my return home I cooked more lentils. That tells me I like lentils. A few years ago, lentils captured me mostly with their dirt cheap price, and that’s organic green lentils I’m talking about. Spinach lentil soup recipe from my Italian neighbour was my first time I ever tried lentils. Since then I…
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Healthy Peanut Butter Brownies

Brownies…I remember first time trying a brownie on an airplane, on my way to Mexico last year. My immediate thought was “I could eat this every day!”. Believe it or not, that airplane brownie was pretty darn good, probably because being full of cr@p. And yes, I have never had a brownie in 13 years of living in Canada. True fact. I love dark chocolate and I love peanut butter. Who doesn’t?! A few months ago I developed black bean brownie recipe, which is a big hit with my…
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Black Bean Brownies Recipe

This black bean brownies recipe is THE BEST brownies recipe I ever tried! Well, besides all of my other brownies recipes: healthy pumpkin brownies, no bake black bean brownies, healthy peanut butter brownies and healthy zucchini brownies (yes, lots of brownies recipes). Better than any butter+sugar brownies because they are sugar free black bean brownies! I held off making black bean brownies for a while because I knew they wouldn’t have a crust on top like the unhealthy versions. WHO CARES?! It didn’t matter. We gobbled up the whole pan…
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Mango Black Bean Salad

I made this Mango Black Bean Salad last year, when I started this blog. But old pictures didn’t serve this salad its justice. So, I’m bringing back life to an “old” recipe as hot summer days are perfect for making this plant-based salad. Rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber this Clean Mango Black Bean Salad will keep you satisfied for hours. Just like this Mexican Bean Salad Recipe, Creamy Mexican Kale Salad or Chickpea Avocado Salad. And guess what, it’s so juicy I even skipped the olive oil….
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Black Bean Chocolate Cake

And yes, it comes with healthy cream cheese frosting on top! Healthy, skinny and kid friendly too! No 2 cups of sugar, no oil, no white flour, no egg yolks. Just black beans, pumpkin puree, Greek yogurt and egg whites among the ingredients in this delicious and moist black bean chocolate cake.

Protein Chocolate Cake

One ingredient in this protein chocolate cake recipe will shock you but you’ll never be able to taste it. This started out as a protein brownie recipe experiment and ended up as a chocolate cake with an amazing no butter coconut frosting. Honestly, I have no regrets and will attempt to recreate it as a brownie on a later day (vegan protein brownies) but for now my whole family is enjoying the way it is. The kids eat it super fast, do not ask for any food for…
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