Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip with Buffalo Sauce

Warning: Completely random thoughts while whipping up majestic fluffy Buffalo avocado dip. Mixing romaine with hot sauce. Frank’s Red Hot sauce smells totally like a pub. Circa 2001. Along with beer, deep fryer’s grease and smoke. You could smoke in bars back then. How much of that did I inhale?! Hot sauce is yummy, the acidic vinegar smells gooooood. I am glad I didn’t add chicken. Anyone can just eat chicken. This dip should be totally veggie loaded. Shock the Super Bowl party food table. Whipping the yogurt with…
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Buffalo Cauliflower Soup

Buffalo cauliflower soup. Everywhere I look I see soup. I mean farmers market, grocery store and fridge. Waking up it is dark. Coming from the rink I am cold. Outside is so wet can’t even open a hottub. It is pouring cats and dogs in Vancouver non-stop. End of October is not the time to visit beautiful PNW. Let me tell you. Neither is November. It is still beautiful but don’t come. I have looked up tickets to Los Cabos in March and I need to rob a bank….
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Buffalo Chicken Tacos

We love my ground chicken tacos, easy shrimp tacos, farmers market kale tacos and grilled fish tacos with mango salsa. These buffalo chicken tacos were also a hit and almost guilt free because I made my own blue cheese sauce by simply combining 4% plain yogurt with crumbled blue cheese, a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper. Mmmm, hit the spot! I have been craving something spicy buffalo with salty creamy blue cheese forever! Must have been that heat wave. As you can imagine, kids are not big fans of blue cheese…
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Spring Salad with Almond Chicken & Light Blue Cheese Dressing

Crunchy iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes & hydrating cucumber…Those are the vegetables. Easy vegetables…That’s cool! What makes this spring salad super awesome is Almond Crusted Chicken and light blue cheese dressing. Aaaaand only 230 calories & 6 WW points+, and you are full! Well, maybe 1.5 times that because it’s really delicious. On the days I work out, it might take me triple that…