Blueberry Protein Breakfast Smoothie

This purple plant-based 4 ingredient health amazingness is sponsored by Vega® and Silk® as part of Build a Better Smoothie campaign. I edited the pictures for this blueberry protein smoothie and felt an urge to workout. Something just didn’t feel right. I had to get my day going, adrenaline rushing and endorphins flowing. Now we can talk about all things plants, protein and health. No, this won’t be a boring talk. I promise. I will just share what is happening in iFOODreal’s household. Like real life. Very real. Hockey is back….
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Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites

This post is in partnership with Curate snack bars full of super crunchy quinoa and other simple nutrient-dense ingredients. Good news is summer is unfolding better than I expected. In a sense that I don’t feel like pulling my hair out re: children on a summer break. Kids really grow up. There is truth to everyone saying that although you might not share their feelings at that moment. Yesterday I managed to shop with a friend for 3 hours. It cost me a cookie and an ice cream but…
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Mixed Berry Ice Cream Recipe

Dairy free ice cream made with coconut milk and your choice of berries, fresh or frozen. Because it is March I used frozen organic cherries from Costco and local blueberries. It is a no churn ice cream recipe so no ice cream machine required. I have been experimenting with coconut milk ice cream all year round but not all attempts have been successful thus I haven’t shared. Ice cream is also a bit off season in March but it is one of my favourite treats which I can…
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Kale Blueberry Salad

Uber delicious kale blueberry salad with curly or baby kale (best types of kale for this salad IMHO), soft goat cheese, local fresh blueberries and easy homemade candied pecans. All of this goodness “swimming” in healthy poppy seed dressing I posted yesterday. If you are looking for more hearty salads with quinoa and/or kale, check out this chicken quinoa kale salad with grilled peach and avocado, and blueberry quinoa salad.

Clean Eating Blueberry Muffins

These blueberry muffins made with spelt flour (whole wheat works too), applesauce and fresh blueberries came out fantastic!!! These muffins were extremely delicious and light! I’m baking second batch today again.

Almond Muffins with Berries

These almond muffins are not your traditional whole wheat muffins like whole wheat apple muffins or whole wheat pumpkin muffins! Made with almond flour (just ground up almonds and no worries I won’t be switching to arrowroot powder or tapioca starch any time soon), organic almond extract and coconut flakes, these blueberry and cherry almond muffins turned out exceptionally fluffy and OMG delicious!!! The edges reminded me of a cake my mom used to make with very well whipped eggs, butter and flour; similar to my healthy almond cake. In…
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Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars

I have been waiting all winter long to make crumb bars, cobblers and crisps thinking fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries come spring time. Ironically, knowing what I know now, EWG in one report finding 38 various pesticides on strawberries and raspberries that DO NOT wash off with water, I ended up baking these blueberry oatmeal crumble bars with frozen blueberries LOL. 

Lemon Blueberry Overnight Smoothie Jars

One day I got tired of Overnight Oats, Breakfast Quinoa in Slow Cooker and Vanilla Chia Pudding, and thought “What if I combine both and soak them in a flavoured smoothie?!”. I came from an evening walk and whipped these up in 5 minutes. Honestly, these breakfast jars were amazing! Even my kids ate them for a snack no problem and it is not easy to feed them chia pudding. Really depends on a flavour and consistency.

Chia Jam Recipe

Am I the only one making jam in winter?! I tried making chia seed jam first time ever last December when I couldn’t pass by $2 bags of organic cranberries. And you don’t have to chop them like the photo suggests below (these cranberries were for Cranberry Cheesecake Bars), neither you have to cook the jam. Instead, you just process your choice of berries or fruit in a food processor or blender with some honey (maple syrup), lemon zest and vanilla extract. It keeps well for weeks and…
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Whole Wheat Coffee Cake

The best word to describe this whole wheat coffee cake is moist. The dough itself was very moist from applesauce, topped with juicy berries + crunchy crumb topping and drizzled with coconut milk “icing”. Definitely you can bring it to any potluck or gathering and nobody would guess this cake is healthy. My family was all over it. Boys had it for after school snack every day. I gave a few pieces to my Italian neighbour and she said it was amazing. You know how Italians are with their…
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