Sheet Pan Chicken and Potatoes with Roasted Garlic

I can’t declare that this sheet pan chicken and vegetables is the most exciting dish I ever produced, but that is exactly why I turned to a one pan dinner in the first place – I wasn’t very excited about cooking supper. The thing is that it works, in so many ways. So, I thought I would share although the process of roasting chicken, potatoes and broccoli might be the “I’ve been doing this forever” obvious to you, but I won’t know it until I share.

Sautéed Garlic Broccoli with Tomatoes

A rainbow of red and green in this sauteed garlic broccoli recipe doesn’t make me miss Christmas. The opposite – the smell and pictures sent me almost into tears realizing “oh, how I miss you, summer!” (I know I have big problems in my life, I know). Evening walks, naked legs and light. As much as I love holidays, I’m so happy they are over because the chaos of kids at home and visiting family, which we all know is good in moderation (sorry, mom and boys). The past few days, I…
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Veggie Mac and Cheese Muffins Recipe

Things are slowly settling back to normal after summer. Besides my mom coming for a long visit and me and Alex going for a dream team vacation of the decade, we are back to a routine. I did share on Tuesday oh how much I have missed school. I love summer but I equally love the first few months of fall when it is still warm enough, kids are busy and I have time for myself. Even walking by myself, even as close as to and from school makes…
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Vegetarian Oatmeal Patties

Meat is expensive. Can’t deny that. Organic meat costs even more. So, I find my ways to save money on meat in 2 Ukrainian ways: Back doors – just like with Chernobyl train tickets I got my ways to get free organic meat. My mom supplies us with venison her and her husband hunt in the prairies. I turn cheap ingredients like veggies and grains into large volume meals like healthy carrot soup, healthy corn fritters, black bean zucchini burger and quinoa cakes. Yesterday it was vegetarian oatmeal patties. What happened…
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One Pot Quinoa, Chicken and Broccoli

In Ukraine we have this dish, “plov”, made with chicken or lamb, rice and lots of spices. Basically a loaded pilaf. My dad made a wicked one with probably 1/2 cup of good quality olive oil and various parts of chicken. My sister in law makes a legendary one with lamb because her husband is from southwestern part of former USSR that is close to Iran and Pakistan where people love their spices. So, I made a similar one pot quinoa chicken with broccoli that is ready in…
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Summer Fried Brown Rice

I love making fried rice because sky is the limit in terms of ingredients and it is a great “fridge cleaner”. I made one mistake this time by making it in a wok because I simply forgot to use a large skillet to make the rice crispy. In a wok, it comes out more steamed than fried. And crispy rice is the most fun part – crunchy, oily and fried previously cooked rice. It can be fried in a wok in restaurants because the heat is so high but at home…
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Broccoli Napolitana

Last weekend after camping in the backyard, working on the deck (still!) and swimming at the lake, we decided to spend a day by the ocean. On Sunday morning we woke up (in the backyard) with ashes in the air and a smell of campfire – result of forest fires in Northern BC, Vancouver Island and WA state. Really, who needs real camping?!LOL.

Broccoli Quinoa Salad

Broccoli quinoa salad and…school is out and hockey season is over! On Wednesday I slept in until 8:45 am which I haven’t done in years. Plus my oldest one went camping with a friend for 3 days and let me tell you having 1 child is a joke! OMG, it is so quiet and peaceful. I leisurely stroll around the house with a cup of coffee. I don’t have to drive anywhere and there is no pressure of a schedule. Plus I had great one on one time…
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88 Superfood Salad Recipes

I LOVE salads! Everyone who knows me in person knows that. I always get asked to bring salads to any gathering. You should love salads too – often cheap, fridge cleaning and waist friendly (if you don’t add a cup of mayo or ranch dressing). This post was so much fun as I don’t remember last time I got to sit on a couch, browse recipes, look at pretty food and just copy paste titles and links all day long. I have included only healthy superfood salad recipes for…
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Black Bean and Rice Burritos

Holy burritos, I have burnt 8 out of 10 fingers while figuring out how to roll a whole wheat tortilla without breaking it! I completely understand why there are so many recipes with white flour tortillas but those recipes are not for us. No need for them either as I managed to roll these babies up good enough for freezing and my boys not giving me looks what’s on their plate. And these black bean and rice burritos were delicious, filled with all plant-based goodness!