Buckwheat Soup with Leftover Turkey

At Easter dinner, I was given a turkey carcass (thank you, Katie – you know me oh so well). It came from a large turkey that fed over 20 people, with a substantial amount of meat on it. How could I say “no”?! I can’t stop but compare my life “before” and “after”. Yes, even a turkey carcass does that to me, yes. A carcass from my childhood had no meat on it, just bones, which was used for making 2 soups. You boil the carcass so many times…
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Buckwheat Stir Fry with Kale, Peppers & Artichokes

So, this buckwheat recipe that made you probably scratching your head thinking “what is this stuff, Olena?”… Let me introduce you to Ukrainian quinoa – buckwheat. I honestly am puzzled why buckwheat hasn’t exploded in America yet like quinoa has. Buckwheat takes the same 15 minutes to cook, is gluten free and with mind blowing nutritional properties just like quinoa. Very similar high protein and fiber numbers. And it is low glycemic. So, if you get tired of quinoa once in a while like I do, let me introduce you to a…
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6 Ways to Eat Super Seeds

This summer we have been extremely active, busy and seem to be on the go every weekend and even mid week. It has been an extremely hot summer and without AC in the house we have been escaping the heat either at the lake, ocean, park or on a shady hike. We finally reached the stage of life with no diapers and strollers where we can do more fun things as a family.