Chicken and Whole Wheat Spaghetti Recipe

This 30 minute one pot healthy pasta recipe is sponsored by Texture. Whole wheat spaghetti is the most cooked type of pasta in my kitchen. For two good reasons. Reason #1 – Costco. It sells the largest most affordable giant box of organic noodles. Reason #2 – kids. They particularly love spaghetti. I don’t think they even know what white pasta tastes like so we have no problem with more nutritious whole wheat. So, on Wednesday was whole wheat spaghetti recipe turn…after lentils, brown rice and quinoa it…
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Grilled Chicken Chimichurri Recipe

Last summer our entire backyard was undergoing major renovation and grill was sitting in the middle of a dying lawn next to a hottub. Obviously, we didn’t grill all summer. I just checked and last time I posted a grilled recipe was summer of 2014. Makes sense. This year tuck your linen handkerchiefs under the chin as things are about to get messy, drippy and charred on iFOODreal. This grilled Chimichurri chicken is fatty, juicy and oh so flavourful with fresh garlic, parsley and oregano. This Memorial Day…
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Spicy Chicken Burger Recipe

Well, today is Friday and perfect burger time! Juicy spicy chicken burger with mashed avocado and homemade hot and spicy mustard sauce. If you are not Canadian you might not know this sauce. No, it is not the sweet heat BBQ sauce I found in Google. I do not think there is anything like this in the US or is there?! Sweet with heat mustard is basically a combo of yellow mustard, red bell pepper, honey and red pepper flakes. So, it is sweet with heat. Pairs extremely…
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Ground Chicken Burgers or Patties

This ground chicken burgers (patties) recipe (also known as cakes and chicken mince burgers) will knock your socks off! And the best part is they are super lean, use minimum ingredients and kids love them. Growing up in Ukraine my grandma made these all the time and we used to say they are like spitz – highly addictive. Grandma didn’t make her chicken mince patties with chicken breasts but rather with any part of chicken. She fried them with oil and flour. I used no flour. To help patties stay…
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Baked Chicken with Peppers & Mushrooms

Feeling like a million bucks after a morning run, I’m sitting on a couch and writing about this gorgeous baked chicken with peppers and mushrooms I made the night before. The simplicity of this chicken recipe blew my mind once again. All you need is chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers, onion and cheese. My neighbour made it the same night and husbands were outside after dinner sharing experiences, about chicken. Her husband said it was very European. And I guess so – minimum fresh ingredients. This cooking style is programmed…
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25 Cauliflower Rice Recipes in 30 Minutes

I thought we could all use some cauliflower rice recipes since we can all afford cauliflower now. I mean, did you see how much it cost a few months ago?! I explained in this post why a tiny head of cauliflower cost as much as a pound of meat. I would bring it to the till a few times and cashiers asked me if I was sure. Must have been bad, so I left it. We (realistically my wonderful assistant, Eboni) scoured the internet for simple cauliflower rice recipes that…
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Stovetop Zucchini Noodles Lasagna

No, there was no zucchini noodles lasagna or pasta lasagna on our dinner’s menu growing up in Ukraine. The closest I could get the taste of Italy was by hiding in a dark cold room with a knife and slicing leg of prosciutto my uncle brought from Italy. I still remember it clearly hanging juicy on a door. How can a 9 year old resist that?! So, now I know if I could slice food hanging in the air in the dark with a paring knife, my 9 year old…
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Teriyaki Chicken and Cauliflower Skillet

I made true clean eating, one pan teriyaki chicken and cauliflower. Served with brown rice or could be quinoa. No hoisin sauces, mirin and sake wines, and of course no yucky bottles of teriyaki sauce. Hence, the lighter brown colour of clean homemade teriyaki sauce sans loads of brown sugar. Basically, teriyaki chicken skillet for 1 % of North Americans => us #beproud. I love to veg up meals with bulky veggies because…for obvious reasons. You might also like my chicken curry with cauliflower.

Slow Cooker Chicken, Corn and Lentil Soup

You know how some recipes have stories?! My story behind this to-die-for Tex Mex flavoured slow cooker lentil soup with chicken and corn unfolded as following…On Friday is my day off. Well, I mean a day off from being a blogger. Moms are really never off, let’s be real. Friday is the day when I do chores piled up over a week. So, this Friday a chore was painting doors and trims. I’m slowly refreshing all of them throughout the house. Yes, I love painting and handyman work. Alex…
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Pesto Chicken Zucchini Noodles

So, I finally gave in and got a spiralizer before Christmas. We do gifts for ourselves. Next on the list is a trip to Lululemon. I haven’t bought a piece of clothing for myself since August. After months and months of debating whether I need another kitchen gadget and liking all hand spiralizers so-so, I saw a countertop spiralizer at my grocery store for $25. That, my American friends, is a BIG DEAL because in Canada everything is so much more expensive and harder to find than in the US.