Chicken Zucchini Enchilada Casserole Recipe

After I made Zucchini Lasagna and everyone loved it, I was super eager to make another casserole using zucchini instead of other heavier layers. I was browsing new Cooking Light Issue and saw Chicken Enchilada Casserole. Chicken zucchini casserole – bingo! I made my own version using sliced zucchini instead of corn tortillas. Gigantic garden zucchini would be perfect for that. I was always amazed at a difference between store-bought perfect shape zucchini and garden giants. You could even use sliced rounds if your zucchini is huge.

Garlic Chicken, Zucchini and Corn

This Garlic Chicken, Zucchini and Corn is a 20 minute dinner idea that was inspired by my Ukrainian roots. Last Thursday, I received another organic produce delivery with extra zucchini that I substituted for potatoes. It is hot and my body is not craving comfort potato dishes. Organic zucchini – yep.

Clean Eating Shepherd’s Pie

Well, my clean eating Shepherd’s Pie is kicked up a notch in nutrition using beans and less meat, sweet potatoes with skin on instead of white potatoes, and no dairy products. English people might raise their eyebrows but we are stepping outside the box. Truth is you could use white potatoes, parsnips or cauliflower mash on top. I felt like sweet potatoes because we had French Fries the night before. You could also add some butter or cheese to the crust so it browns a bit but I didn’t…
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Easy Roasted Chicken Recipe

I can talk about chicken in America issues forever. From chicken breast addiction to 50 sick chickens standing in their own poop in one cage. Then it becomes $4.99 Costco rotisserie chicken, Tyson “All breast meat” chicken nuggets and McDonald’s “All natural” sh*t. Please buy organic or locally raised chicken, it’s not that much more expensive! Or if it is for you, eat less chicken and more vegetables, even better!

Clean Eating Chicken, Beans and Cauliflower Rice

Quick dinners seem to be the hottest commodity on iFOODreal. Particularly one pan/pot meals with quinoa or vegetables. I mean, look at the “Popular Recipes” widget on the right. As we all are trying to get rid off a few Holiday lbs (mine are in the lower this time which is something new to me – before it was the mid section), I thought we could all appreciate a quick lightened up classic – chicken, beans and rice dish but with cauliflower “rice” casserole.

Thai Chicken Bites

Budget friendly appetizer that comes together in minutes with very simple ingredients. The homemade Thai sweet chili sauce fits all clean eating criteria, which you know is hard to find in a store. It is also super quick to make. My neighbour brought very similar Thai chicken bites to out Christmas party a few weeks back and everybody loved them. I loved how meat was not the main focus of the dish and with all other organic ingredients it was pretty wholesome, which we know is rare for…
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Clean Harissa Chicken Zucchini Meatballs

Chicken meatballs lightened up with zucchini in place of breadcrumbs and simmered in scrumptious balsamic harissa sauce. Ready in under 40 minutes and are mild enough for the kids. Serve as a main dish with brown rice, quinoa, salad or as an appetizer. Healthy comfort food at its best. These were soooo good! I love meatballs, especially chicken!!! I could never be vegan but I’m doing my best to eat plant based as much as I can. These were so juicy and tender. Traditionally harissa sauce is used in lamb dishes…
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Oven Fried Coconut Chicken Tenders

These chicken tenders are juicy, greasy and crispy. Like a junk food should taste, only 100% healthy and organic (in my case). Coconut flakes created this amazing crunchy crust that my kids couldn’t resist. For extra coconut-tiness I also rubbed the baking sheet with coconut oil. And what Ukrainian skips garlic?! Yes, I marinated chicken in garlic, salt and pepper for 15 minutes and it was amazing!!!

30 Minute Chicken and Cauliflower Yellow Curry Recipe

With a perfect balance of lean protein and vegetables, this chicken yellow curry recipe can be made all vegan using extra cauliflower and served over brown rice or quinoa. Mild enough for the little ones. Large skillet for leftovers (I love them). Make it with light coconut milk if you are calorie conscious or go full fat for a creamier version (next time I’m doing that). No matter what you decide to do, this dinner is speedy and healthy! Yesterday we went out for lunch with friends after…
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Easiest Slow Cooker Chicken and Spaghetti

This slow cooker chicken spaghetti was mind blowingly easy and delicious. 150th thousand time I got convinced that simple food is the best food ever! I slap my own hands quite often when I start adding a little bit of this and that. God forbid to brown butter… No need to make your life harder, America! When I first came to Canada, I was thinking “wow, fancy food they eat here” while flipping glossy cooking magazines. And never made a single recipe. Why? Because the ingredients list was so…
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