Healthy Braised Chicken with Asparagus & Fresh Herbs Recipe

Ah…Braised chicken breasts with fresh asparagus, herbs and white wine vinegar sauce. Serve it on top of Skinny Orange Brown Rice for a quick spring dinner. Only 182 calories & 4 WW points+ for a decent size portion. Braising is one of my favourite ways to cook meat as it’s fast and is done all in one place – stovetop.

Russian Chicken Rice Pilaf

Russian Chicken Rice Pilaf

Russian Chicken Rice Pilaf is called “plov”. It is basically chicken with rice, vegetables and spices. It is very popular in all former Soviet Union republics and is one of my favourite rice dishes. Traditionally it is made with lamb and comes from Uzbekistan. It has been adapted and made with chicken, pork and beef. I personally like it with chicken. It may seem hard to make but it’s not. Here are the rules for successful making of Russian Chicken Rice Pilaf:

Crock Pot Chicken Marinara

This healthy Italian dish requires no precooking – “just throw all the ingredients in the crockpot and forget about it” type of recipe. Easy chicken thigh recipe! You can also stock up on the ingredients in advance and make this delicious healthy Chicken Marinara any time.