Strawberry Protein Cake Bars

These Strawberry Protein Cake Bars won’t taste like any “diet” food! Sweet, moist and fluffy. You won’t even taste the garbanzo beans. And I promise you won’t miss the whipping cream either. Only 96 calories, 5.8 g of sugar & 2 WW points+ per bar. Pinch me. A whole new level of clean eating and dessert snacking. And by the way, I was snacking on these protein bars as I was writing my April Income Report, Blogging Tips & Life.

Garbanzo Bean Vanilla Protein Cake Recipe

Summer is coming and it means fresh berries, cool drinks and light desserts. I’ve had a trifle recipe on my mind for quite a while now. Just need the berry season to arrive. I also was looking for a basic vanilla cake recipe to use instead of traditional sponge cake. I spent many evenings in my bed thinking how to make it. And thought why not to take my protein chocolate cake and make it a vanilla one with some adjustments.