Chickpea Avocado Salad

This chickpea avocado salad is the best chickpea salad recipe I ever made – with tomato, avocado, cucumber and simple dressing consisting of olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper; with red onion slices big enough for kids to pick out and adults to enjoy. The salad is so hearty, it can be a main course for lunch, mixed with quinoa or pasta for dinner, or a potluck star. This chickpea avocado salad recipe is similar to my other hearty salads recipes: Mango Black Bean Salad, Creamy Mexican Kale Salad or…
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Cilantro Salmon Tomato Soup

Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH for filling out the reader’s survey (you can still do it – I’m still reading). It was so much fun to read your responses since it is mostly me who is talking here. On the weekend, one of my son’s coaches got hit with a puck and it fractured his jaw. POOR GUY, no doubt. He needs a surgery as he couldn’t talk all weekend. But sad things aside, the minute I saw him I thought to myself Alex would like me not talking for a few days. He wouldn’t wish…
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Sweet Potato Noodle Salad with Lime & Peanuts

. On Monday I was supposed to make healthy almond cake that I tested for Easter and posted on Instagram. It was Alex’s birthday. We are generally not the adults who love to celebrate our birthdays in a traditional way. We had an active weekend  exploring the beaches and hiking in Larrabee park. That is how we like to celebrate – do something new, fun (mostly outdoors), followed by a nice restaurant meal. I wish this didn’t cost a million. I checked on zillow. I have to remember to come…
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Cilantro Avocado Dressing

So, reality of my kitchen and closet is that it is August and I feel very uncomfortable wearing jeans. I will not be going on a scale, jeans are the best reality check, aren’t they?! Why can’t girls eat chocolate, drink wine and stay skinny?! Life isn’t fair.:) 5 lbs are easy to fix though, so I say to myself. I absolutely despise meal planning, I dread it. I love to create on a whim. I am so not a grocery list print outs clipped on a board…
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Cilantro Coconut Brown Rice

This coconut brown rice turned out fantastic! I need an assistant. Sigh. My brain is literally exploding with recipe ideas, I have time to make 50% of them, the rest is in my dreams. I have enough energy to post about 4 recipes a week. Right now I have 4 recipes photographed and ready to go but who would edit pictures and write up the recipe for me?! I love cooking and writing the actual post but admin part of my blog drives me bananas. Not to mention…
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Grilled Spicy Cilantro Fish Kebabs

I promised you lots of grilled recipes and I am a deliverer (besides an over promised but eventually delivered skillet cauliflower gratin). I’m also spicing up all 5 recipes with Tabasco® original sauce this week. If you are a spicy food hater, you might want to check back next Monday. Quick fact before you leave: my kids truly enjoyed 3 out of 5 recipes.

Zucchini Turkey Burger

Juicy and fragrant, the best way to describe this lean and clean zucchini turkey burger made with 93% lean ground turkey, fresh cilantro, fragrant cumin and topped with Greek yogurt cilantro aioli. Only 206 calories and 5 WW Points+ per burger! After kids, I think food is the 2nd most beautiful thing in the world besides the world itself.

Blueberry Strawberry Salsa

I live in a blueberry country, so we eat a lot of blueberries. New studies show that freezing doesn’t damage their delicate anthocyanin antioxidants, so I freeze blueberries in vacuum sealed Ziploc bags. In winter we just eat them plain frozen, in summer fresh, by a handful or in salads – blueberry quinoa salad or kale blueberry salad. Blueberries are awesome and are considered a superfood! Full of antioxidants more than any other fresh fruit. They boost up your immune system and prevent infections. Blueberries keep you young, prevent…
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Coconut Cilantro Chicken

Easy and healthy grilled chicken recipe, just in time for grilling season and hot weather. Meaty chicken thighs marinated in sweet zesty marinade of coconut milk, lime juice and fresh cilantro. Jalapeno pepper adds a tiny spicy kick to the chicken that is still kid friendly. Feel free to add more jalapenos for a spicier version. This coconut cilantro chicken recipe is so easy, you can marinate the chicken the day before and grill it on a weeknight after work.

Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber and ripe avocado…drizzled with freshly squeezed lime juice and sprinkled with freshly chopped cilantro. Screams summer in January to me! One of my favourite quinoa recipes of all times from the kitchen of iFOODreal. As always easy, quick & healthy.