Protein Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

This apple cinnamon smoothie is sponsored by Vega® and Silk® in an effort to help you Build a Better Smoothie. My apple tree is full of apples. Sour apples. Most of them have worms. But all organic. Periodically I go out, harvest a few and sort. Usually I make and freeze applesauce with wormed apples, which I use in baking recipes throughout the year. So far this year I have made one batch and still have a large stash from previous season. I should do a research on how to grow…
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Healthy Gingerbread Fudge

This healthy gingerbread fudge does not contain condensed milk or loads of sugar but rather healthy fats and naturally occurring sugars. The sacrifice is you have to keep it frozen and serve right before enjoyment. So, put on your cutest apron, quickly zoom between the guests and stack it back in the freezer.