Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

It is cold and crisp in PNW. Perfect for some velvety smooth, hearty and healthy slow cooker butternut squash soup. This weather made a soup making machine out of me. Remember I mentioned making slow cooker butternut squash soup before sausage barley soup?! The one that sent us all to bed hungry. So I remade it, loaded with more food and it couldn’t have been more delicious!

Thai Mango Curry with Lentils

Ataulfo mangoes are on special in every grocery store in May, $7-10 a box. Also known as champagne mango, smaller in size than “regular” (Tommy Atkins) mango, and of bright yellow colour, Ataulfo mango is very sweet and might become your new go-to mango. It’s exquisite. Whether in a mango slaw or tuna salad with avocado, champagne mango is not just for dessert. The base of this Thai mango curry consists of usual suspects – onions and Thai curry paste, just like in Thai shrimp curry recipe (where squash adds sweetness similar…
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Healthy Chocolate Bread with Spelt Flour

Since we are leaving on a month long tropical adventure in a few days, I’m trying not to grocery shop and use up everything I have. In a very long list of draft recipes (about 100) I had this chocolate coconut bread I tested a few years back and since have abandoned. I remember it turned out very moist but texture needed work. Kids have busy week of sports, so I needed fuel snacks, desperately. Healthy chocolate bread made with a can of coconut milk to the rescue, yep….
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No Bake Nutella Pie

After promising this no bake nutella pie recipe a bazillion of times, it is finally here. It ended up being easier said than done in December. Amazing how time gets “eaten” by what we have to do vs. what we would rather do. But I finally did it – “baked”, photographed and “gave birth” online to this healthy chocolate hazelnut pie. And if you are not into chocolate, you might like my healthy peanut butter pie, no bake banana cream pie or no bake pumpkin pie. Prepare to be amazed…
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30 Minute Chicken and Cauliflower Curry

With a perfect balance of lean protein and vegetables, this chicken and cauliflower curry recipe can be made all vegan using extra cauliflower and served over brown rice or quinoa. Mild enough for the little ones. Large skillet for leftovers, I love them – teriyaki chicken and cauliflower skillet, shrimp quinoa with asparagus and garlic butter, and quinoa skillet with chicken and garden veggies. 

Butter Chicken Spaghetti Squash Boats

Who am I to talk about traditional Indian dishes but oh, I will go there as I did before with slow cooker chicken tikka masala and crock pot butter chicken. Prepare to be amazed. If my Ukrainian grandma could make a chicken curry with sour cream, onions and curry powder back in the 90s, why can’t I make some butter chicken and spaghetti squash pretending squash is pasta?! Haha, let’s be clear spaghetti squash doesn’t replace spaghetti but tastes very good. By the way, grandma’s curry was DELISH!…
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Eggplant Vindaloo Curry Recipe

I am adding eggplant vindaloo curry full of healthy fats, carbs, protein and potassium to my meatless dinners rotation. I am always on a lookout for simple and affordable plant based dinners and quick curry dishes like green lentil curry and Thai mango curry are great candidates. I grew up in a family where a meal without meat is considered not a meal. Until this day when my mom visits, I can see she is kind of uncomfortable with my fridge. On one occasion, she asked me to pick up a steak because she…
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Sun Dried Tomato Soup (Video)

This post is brought to you by high quality German brand Braun and the juiciest summer beefsteak tomatoes ever. We just got back from Osoyoos. We did sooooo much in blasting +35C heat – laid by the pool for 2 days straight. That is it, my friends. I really enjoyed doing nothing and could do that for another week. On the way back we stopped at probably 10 fruit and vegetable stands coming back with 20 lbs of cherries, 10 lbs of peaches and a big bag of juiciest…
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Avocado Bisque with Shrimp

OK, I didn’t particularly grow up eating cold soups in summer. There was one traditional chilled Ukrainian soup called “okroshka” made with kombucha type of drink (btw, I have mastered making kombucha from scratch at home), soma dairy (buttermilk or sour cream?), chopped ham and cucumbers…I believe. But even then grandma and mom never made it. My family was not a traditional Ukrainian family. We didn’t bake pies, spoke Russian at home and didn’t celebrate orthodox Christmas. It has always been different…I wasn’t allowed to eat food at the markets…
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Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

This vegan vanilla ice cream was so good we devoured it at 10:30 PM last Saturday after getting home from watching fireworks. I have been meaning to make coconut ice cream in simple vanilla flavour for a while and started experimenting on Friday night. It was trial and error big time. Thank goodness I stocked up on 10 cans of my favourite coconut milk that was on a sale (2 for $5). Kids were so anxious to try it that they even skipped an ice cream shop before…
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