Ukrainian Dill Coleslaw

Moving to West Coast 8 years ago made me feel the way I never expected to – I miss snow (just sometimes). A powder that squeaks under heavy footsteps. The one that makes entire world so quiet. I used to have it every winter as a kid. Once a week after dinner my uncle would order me and my cousin to dress warm. We would pull on real fur and leather winter boots, put on rabbit knitted toques and tighten the belts on wool coats. Grab a linen bag and we…
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Chickpea and Avocado Garden Salad

I have been waiting almost a whole year to post this chickpea avocado salad because it tastes best with vegetables straight from your garden or farmer’s market in my case.:) A typical Ukrainian (Russian) salad consists of most common summer produce in Ukraine – tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Salt and black pepper are a must! We didn’t grow red onions but white and green ones. As a kid, I hated onions and my kids are the same. They pick onions out from their plates as me and Alex…
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Baked Cauliflower Parmesan Steaks with Wild Rice Salad

If you are running out of ideas how to cook cauliflower, here is a new fun way in a form of steaks. Plus they are crunchy, pretty and delicious. My kids loved these and even ate the salad. Overall, easy and clean meatless dinner. I baked cauliflower directly on a well oiled baking sheet for that nice crispy outside.

Healthy Chef Salad Recipe

Chef salad has been one of my favourite North American recipes ever since I landed on this prosperous land. Seriously, if you still don’t know, we got it all and way more. Trust me on this one. LIfe is crazy! My house is loud, gets messy (I’m a clean freak and paying for it) and there are always bazillion things on the schedule. By Thursday, I’m usually ready for a hot tub and wine but this week I did something different. I got back to working out regularly,…
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Radish, Cucumber & Egg Salad

Although this Radish, Cucumber & Egg Salad screams summer I decided to make it in the middle of January. I went to my local farmer’s market a couple of days ago and saw these cute little bunches of fresh and crisp radish at only 68c per bunch. I immediately grabbed 4. Should have taken a photo with my iPhone.