Superfood Chocolate Bars

Did you know you can make dark chocolate at home?! All you have to do is combine equal parts of cacao powder, coconut oil and maple syrup on a stovetop and then freeze => coconut oil fudge. That chocolate already is a step above store bought organic dark chocolate, which is a step above Hershey’s and Cadbury. But these superfood chocolate bars sweetened only with dates, full of superfoods like coconut oil, chia seeds, cacao powder and coconut flakes are so 2020.

Healthy Cranberry Orange Bread

I’m not much of a delicate dessert baker but rather a quick bread chef. Breads are easier to make healthy, therefore make a perfect snack. Especially if you, like me, are living a dream and got a kid or two.:) I’ve got a few under my belt by now (breads and kids) – whole wheat pumpkin bread, whole wheat flour banana bread, healthy carrot cake bread, and healthy gingerbread loaf. Now, this ah-mazing healthy cranberry orange bread – full of fruit, berries, and nuts. So scrumptious looking and…
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Brownie Protein Bars

A copycat version of Pure chocolate brownie protein bars – vegan, gluten free and made only from real ingredients. Dates, nuts, coconut oil, carob chips and I used Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 protein powder. And it really tastes like a chocolate brownie. It is smooth, a bit chewy, perfectly sweet without added sugar, doesn’t melt or stick. Makes a great snack on the go and kids love it! I love protein bars too! But because my body can’t digest whey protein well and because of so much…
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Coconut Protein Balls

I will be short and sweet today.:) Literally sweet because I rolled 32 of coconut protein balls today and was totally covered in coconut flakes and sticky dough. But I’m not complaining. It took only 20 minutes from start to finish. These coconut protein balls make great pre or post workout snack. Just like this Slimming Blueberry Protein Shake or Guilt-Free Chocolate Protein Shake. Or healthy-mommy-on-the-run-to-the-playground snack. Or busy-mommy-no-time-for-breakfast snack. Or no-time-to-eat-for-mommy-ever snack. Kidding.