Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

We love my easy shrimp tacos, farmers market kale tacos and ground chicken tacos. And now these healthy grilled fish tacos with mango salsa are a delicious combination of grilled white fish wrapped in whole wheat warm tortilla and topped with fresh, sweet & spicy strawberry mango salsa. Kinda Latin fusion envelopes full of nutrients goodness. Perfect for any time: summer BBQs, winter weeknight dinners or a leftover lunch – just keep the ingredients separately. 

Peanut Butter Salmon with Miso

I have a nice problem to have – I’m buried in frozen salmon up to my ears. (Very!) Hypothetically speaking, if me and Alex ever would get divorced, it would be over his fishing or driving. Love him to bits.:) This peanut butter salmon was special for a special occasion. Alex caught it during our last trip to Tofino, while Olena was babysitting…again. But I didn’t complain much. 1. We don’t buy farmed fish. 2. This kind and size of salmon would cost $70 at the fish market, $120…
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Baked White Fish Recipe

This baked white fish recipe is one of my mom’s recipes. Adapted, lightened up, non-fried…What else?! Why? Hold your breath…Original recipe calls for 2 cups of mayo. OK, now breathe.:) I can’t believe we were eating it this way for years. I got away with it because I was a child, I guess. But honestly, everything was made with mayo. That’s the only dressing type of sauce we had back then. So everything was made with mayo. Basically, you could throw a bunch of any ingredients together and…
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