Kombucha Smoothie

Kombucha smoothie. No, I’m not kidding. Think of a root beer float, just instead of ice cream – pureed with creamy almond milk frozen fruit, and in place of pop – kombucha. The same sweet treat floating in a fizzy drink but healthy. And it literally takes 3-4 ingredients, blender and 2 minutes and. Perfection for summer and a breath of fresh air in a tired smoothie world. Don’t you think?! Did you think I would just stop with my “kombucha business”?! I’m literally obsessed, especially during hot…
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New O Organics Kombucha at Safeway

Have you ever tried kombucha? It is a fermented fizzy drink with lightly sweet taste. We grew up drinking kvass and kombucha in Ukraine, however I never tried one in the US (main reason – price). I have a vivid picture of a big glass jar covered with a cheesecloth fermenting on our kitchen’s window. It might be a drink of Chinese origin but we were drinking it in Eastern Europe for ages.