Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

It is hard to write about only healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies when so much is going on inside me. I will be plain honest. So much of what I do in my day to day life is tied to darn cookies. Why? Just like baking anything pumpkin is not typically done in Spring, the same way my life is not my typical daily life lately. See, I had this recipe sitting in my drafts for over a year. I remember baking the cookies, everyone loving them and thinking to save the…
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Healthy Chocolate Coconut Balls

OMG SCHOOL IS BAAAACK! You have to understand. I have been waiting for 10 years for my kids to be taken care of by someone else besides me and Alex for free at least half a day!!! In PNW we do not start school until after the Labour Day. On top of that, add gradual entry to kindergarten with one day it is a 20 minute interview. Another day is off because another half class is attending. A day after come for a half day. Then oops, it’s…
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No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

If you need a quick party dessert, these no bake chocolate peanut butter bars are for you! Made with Nature’s Path premium organic dark chocolate & peanut butter granola, homemade chocolate and coconut cream. That is only 5 ingredients! And if you use melted store bought organic dark chocolate that would be 3 ingredients! I’m seriously minimalistic these Holidays. This recipe is a submission for a #FestiveFoodie contest which you can read all about below.

Maple Ginger Chicken Thighs

Well, hello, gorgeous…maple ginger chicken thighs. How good do these look?! Not my recipe but rather my friend’s, Katie, from her new book Maple. This recipe confirms one more time how much I love chicken and how I could never give it up but rather enjoy local organic chicken in moderation. I just got a promotional email from an imitation meat company and another glance at ingredients list…nah, I’m a strong believer in rather eating good chicken. So, Katie’s book…is quite epic. Full of very simple mostly clean…
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Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

Recipe # 2 of the Tabasco 10 Ingredient (4 ingredient and no oven for me) Challenge. Yesterday I posted Grilled Spicy Cilantro Fish Kebabs, which in fact, would pair really well with these grilled cherry tomatoes. I will be honest, I’m not the greatest recipe seller. I wish all I could say is this recipe is amazeballs! Often I get readers doing a better job describing the recipe’s flavours and experience in the comments. I usually get a lightbulb on and go like “Yeah, why the heck didn’t I say…
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