Healthy Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

To develop healthy oatmeal cookie recipe has been my dream, pretty much, since I started this blog. You probably noticed I don’t have many cookies recipes except whey protein cookie recipe. That cookie recipe is phenomenal – great taste, easy to make, helped me to meet so many people and made me lots of money.;) It’s been sitting #1 in Google search results for “protein cookie” keyword for almost a year now. So, the reason why I haven’t posted any cookie recipes because I haven’t made any. All…
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Mango Granola Bars

Healthy mango granola bars, just in time for back-to-school/work season. Are you ready? I’m sooooooo ready for school, it’s about time. If you have kids, you get it. 8 PM bedtime, 1 child free, homework, soccer games and lunch packing… Oh, well, life goes on and my life is full of Mango Coconut Nut & Seed Bars these days. Made them 3 times in 2 days. Tested on Alex, kids, 3 of my neighbours, Alex’s co-worker, Alex’s train buddy, you name it. All thumbs up. Roasted peanuts (can be…
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Healthy Oatmeal Scones

Healthy oatmeal scones made with 3 times less butter and sugar than traditional recipe. White flour makes only 1/3 of the dough, substituted by steel cut oats and whole wheat flour. To make the scones moist I used Greek yogurt. Perfect Back to School snack. Confession: I have never made scones before but I’ve been buying steel cut oats from Costco for over a year. On a box, there is a blueberry scone recipe with 2/3 cup butter and 1/2 cup sugar. But I was intrigued with steel cut…
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Quaker Protein Bars

Ever since I posted my first protein bar recipe (peanut butter oatmeal protein bars) I wanted to make another one but higher in protein, lower in sugar and fat. And it’s not easy because nut bars rely on nut butter and sticky sugary liquids like agave and honey to hold them together. I tried to cut down the nut butter and agave to almost nothing and replace with almond milk. I also tried to use chia gel as a glue. Finally, after much testing, I came up with a copycat…
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Chocolate Protein Cookies

After seeing how much you guys loved whey protein cookie recipe, I feel like it’s time to deliver new cookie recipe.:) These chocolate protein cookies are any chocolate lover’s dream and what girl doesn’t like chocolate?! Double chocolate, moist, sweet, a bit chewy and high in protein. Everything you are looking for in a protein cookie! And don’t throw away brown bananas and going bad avocados just yet…

Protein Banana Truffles

One day I was browsing Pinterest and saw a great idea for a quick snack – banana pieces dipped in chocolate. I got intrigued and knew I had to make it, but I had an idea. One time I saw homemade truffles recipe and thought why not to combine these two and add some protein powder. Yes, I love unflavoured protein powder with no added sugar or artificial flavours. So far, this is my favourite one. 

Whey Protein Cookie Recipe

Hi guys. I finally got time to post this whey protein cookie recipe instead of teasing everyone with iPhone photos. Super quick and easy protein powder cookie recipe made with America’s all times favourite peanut butter and chocolate chips. Here is a shocking fact: I have never seen, smelled or tasted peanut butter until 2010. I know, shocking! More shocking facts: I have never seen chocolate chips until 2001 either. Now we are best friends! I buy peanut butter in bulk. Only organic or all natural and unsalted is a…
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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars

. Homemade protein bar is my saver when I’m shopping, out with the kids or any time I know I won’t have access to a healthy food. As well is my Magic Bullet Green Smoothie (I add a scoop of brown rice protein powder to it and some people think its gross:)). Protein bars cover healthy fats, carbs and protein and the smoothie has my greens. I’m good to go! That’s why I never eat junk when I’m out.

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

I originally started experimenting with so popular 3 ingredient banana protein pancakes – banana, whey protein powder and egg whites. They are not bad but the texture reminds me more of a sweet omelette. After about at least 10 different variations of ingredients, I have settled on these oatmeal protein pancakes. Fluffy enough, not too chewy, sweet in moderation, completely healthy, packed with 5 g of protein and only 43 calories each! Sounds good to me. I usually have 4-5 pancakes and am good till lunch. My favourite…
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