Tomato and Red Onion Salad

Take full advantage of local tomato season before we are forced to eat supermarket tomatoes. My favourite way to eat this fruit is with salt and pepper, and this tomato and red onion salad is a direct reflection of my tastebuds – any kind of tomatoes, generous amount of sliced red onion, a tiny garlic clove tossed in Greek yogurt, salt and pepper. That’s it, simple like my simple tomato salad. So fresh, juicy, delicious and takes 10 minutes to make! For this tomato salad, any kind of…
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Lettuce Tomato Cucumber Salad

In Ukraine, there are as many variations of lettuce tomato cucumber salad as there are cooks. I grew up eating this salad in summer and it was always different depending on what was in my grandma’s garden and fridge. This is my version of traditional Eastern European garden salad, and believe it or not, it contains no garlic, rather one secret ingredient that makes this salad SO MUCH better than any other garden salads. I based my chickpea avocado salad on this lettuce tomato cucumber salad, and this shrimp avocado tomato…
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Clean Green Bean Casserole Two Ways

Clean Green Bean Casserole #1 I will be very honest with you about the green bean casserole – I don’t love it. More than that I am not a huge fan of many fall vegetables and dishes. I’m just not and neither are my kids. I will cook and eat them but I much prefer fresh and juicy produce centered recipes. However, as kids are growing I want them to grow up with traditions. I want them to feel Canadian and included. Yes, I want that! I’m all…
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Turkey Quinoa Meatballs with Sweet Onion

We just returned from Whistler on Sunday. And straight to hockey try outs so my head is spinning again. The trip was good but I took 0 pictures. Maybe 2 with my phone. Btw, you can see our last year’s trip which was exactly the same this year. We did a lot of pool time, hiking on the most gorgeous mountains and even water rafting. It was all great but I was exhausted. I think I am ready for school. I am tired from kids. And at this…
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Clean Eating Asparagus and Caramelized Onions Strata

I was going to say that you could cook this amazing strata with asparagus and caramelized onions for coming up Mother’s Day but not sure why would you cook if you are a mother?! Unless you are cooking for your mom.