Organic on a Budget – 120 Cheap Organic Foods

I thought I would share all the foods we eat organic on a budget because everyone is curious what I buy. Besides eating clean and real food, we eat 80% organic (certified or not), pesticide free and chemical free food. Organic label isn’t always the best or necessary, I will share my common sense tips on how to save money by eating almost organic without paying a lot of money. Once we ditched processed and convenience foods, gazillion of toxic cleaning supplies, paper towels and etc. tissues, we…
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Thrive Market Favourites

In September, I’m heading down to LA for 5 days to attend a ShiftCon conference where all health, wellness and environment conscious bloggers and brands unite. I’m bringing Alex with me too so he doesn’t starve to death at home and feed the boys 10 lbs of pasta. Kids will be staying with a nanny and friends. It is our first time going away solo since 2009. Crazy, huh?! Reality with little children. I think we deserve a break…

Creamy Almond Salad Recipe

Today I’m extremely proud to talk about local, sustainable and 100% organic company – Blue Moon Organics. Plus making OMG vegan creamy salad dressing (no soaking of cashews is required), which is perfect for using on salads made with any vegetables (tip – from your Organic Produce Box).:) Blue Moon Organics is a family business delivering certified organic fruits and vegetables, certain grocery items and raw pet food. Started in 1997 by Antal and Kelly Boros, now their kids are actively involved too.