Clean Green Bean Casserole Two Ways

Clean Green Bean Casserole #1 I will be very honest with you about the green bean casserole – I don’t love it. More than that I am not a huge fan of many fall vegetables and dishes. I’m just not and neither are my kids. I will cook and eat them but I much prefer fresh and juicy produce centered recipes. However, as kids are growing I want them to grow up with traditions. I want them to feel Canadian and included. Yes, I want that! I’m all…
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Easy Parmesan Mushrooms Recipe

Only four ingredients, including salt and pepper, 20 minutes and you have a healthy crowd pleaser – Parmesan Mushrooms. We even had these mushrooms for dinner on top of quinoa because that’s how food blogging business runs – you eat what you cooked that day. These were absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare! With all the Holidays parties and potlucks, these juicy stuffed mushrooms will save you so much time! You can even prepare them in advance and bake right before serving. Great for transporting too.

Baked Cauliflower Parmesan Steaks with Wild Rice Salad

If you are running out of ideas how to cook cauliflower, here is a new fun way in a form of steaks. Plus they are crunchy, pretty and delicious. My kids loved these and even ate the salad. Overall, easy and clean meatless dinner. I baked cauliflower directly on a well oiled baking sheet for that nice crispy outside.

Parmesan Pumpkin and Spinach Quinoa Recipe

30 minute, from start to finish, healthy meatless dinner idea. Light and fluffy quinoa in a sweet Parmesan pumpkin sauce with fresh baby spinach. Even my 8 year old was licking the spoon and he is not a pumpkin and quinoa fan. Cheese always does the trick though. And Parmesan is one of my favourites because you need just a little to go a long way. This pumpkin quinoa was so easy and delicious! I’m on a major pumpkin kick this year because I love how it adds volume to desserts…
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Zucchini Bake with Tomatoes, Garlic and Parmesan

We love Parmesan Zucchini Sticks and I have baked tomatoes topped with Parmesan cheese a numerous # of times. So, I thought why not to combine both with some garlic and make zucchini bake?! Cheese with garlic is always a winning combo. In Ukraine, garlic and dill go together like lime and cilantro in Mexico. Great success! This zucchini and tomato bake literally took me 5 minutes of chopping and other 25 minutes I was cooking Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken, while zucchini and tomatoes were baking. 

Stuffed Parmesan Mushrooms Recipe

Stuffed mushroom caps with mushroom stems, parsley and 2 kinds of cheese – fresh Parmigiano Reggiano and Mozzarella. You really do not need too many ingredients to make this light, filling and full of flavour party appetizer. It is important to choose fresh and firm white or brown mushrooms. I bought this 20 pack at Costco. I’m all pictures rather than words today. Do not rinse them but rather wipe with damp paper towel. This way, mushrooms won’t soak up extra water and become soggy. Just pull out…
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Garlic Parmesan Green Beans

Pan fried green beans made with roasted garlic and coated in melted parmesan cheese. These are perfect any time of the year and especially for the BBQ season. It’s spring in Vancouver and these garlic Parmesan green beans scream spring and healthy to me. I love french green beans from Costco – they are thin and already trimmed, perfect for making 4 ingredient green beans and chicken on a busy weeknight. But any kind of green beans will work, like scarlet runner I used in creamy green beans recipe.