Penne with Broccoli in One Pan

This penne with broccoli is my-go-to 20 minute dinner for kids when my fridge is empty and they won’t just eat my quinoa and chicken. It’s affordable, quick, healthy and is versatile – use any firm veggies you have on hand/your kids like. Frozen vegetables work too. Oddly enough my kids love broccoli, not over cooked, just like mama. Cauliflower, carrots and snap peas are great options as well. You could also add grape tomatoes, peas and corn, why not?!

Greek Yogurt Pasta Salad with Vegetables

Summer is here and I still don’t understand when did it happen. Did you?! It means BBQ, swimming and fresh produce. Over the next few months I will be posting many summer recipes for the grill and salads. I already have a few tested out by my peeps and can’t wait to add them to your Clean Eating menu. They are so simple, fresh and delicious! I’m super excited because it’s truly my first year of summer food blogging. Make sure not to miss any recipes – sign…
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Skillet Greek Sausage Corkscrew Toss Recipe

I make pasta at least once a week. Kids love it and it’s easy. Healthy pasta recipes are quick, budget friendly and believe it or not can be healthy. This Skillet Greek Sausage Corkscrew Toss is no exception. Organic whole wheat pasta, tossed in light creamy sauce with all natural chicken sausage and fragrant bell peppers, sprinkled with fresh feta cheese and parsley. Dried oregano takes this dish to a new you, Greek Goddess, level!

Clean Chicken Artichoke Lasagna Roll Ups

OMG, guys, I have a new favourite Sunday dinner! These soft pillows aka chicken lasagna roll ups made out of healthy brown rice pasta and filled with clean creamy chicken, artichoke and spinach filling. Topped with cheese and tomato sauce and baked. No crazy Alex stories today as this dish doesn’t involve fish. In Vancouver salmon fishing is huge in Fall and he has been quite pre-occupied with that and working. Somebody has to work, right?! Haha. Thank you to all of you for reading this blog and…
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Slow Cooker Pasta e Fagioli Soup with Kale

Pasta e Fagioli means beans and pasta –  slow cooker pasta e ravioli soup with kale in my world. And I can’t believe I have only 6 soup recipes on my blog so far. Whaaaaaat?! I grew up on soups and I cook them quite often. Soups are fast, cheap and a great way to use any leftovers. You know that half tomato, yesterday’s sausage and 2 days old pasta?! Instead of garbage can, they go into Olena’s soups. If not for Alex, this soup wouldn’t be here…
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Clean Garlicky Corn Chowder & Chicken Pasta Bake

It’s clean and healthy. I know what you are thinking. Corn chowder. Whaaat?! This girl must have watched too much Triple D’s. As in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. LOVE that show! Most stuff is totally gross but so cool to see different places, food and people. And the fact that Guy ate all of that…Honestly, I’m gonna be so blunt now and if he ever reads this, and it will be a matter of question to hire me or not, he would not! But I have to say…
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Stovetop Squash Mac and Cheese

I have never been a squash fan. Squash. Whaaaaat?! I just, honestly, didn’t know what to do with it and let’s be honest – do your kids like squash? I don’t cook separate meals, so I try to split the suffering between us and the kids 50/50. Yesterday, it was Adam’s turn to whine and nobody else’s. But that little bugger…love him to death, my precious child…wouldn’t eat neither chicken chili con queso nor cabbage rolls casserole. I got away with pear & chia whole wheat pancakes though….
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Healthy Warm Tomato & Feta Pasta Salad Recipe

Healthy Tomato & Feta Pasta Salad Recipe

Yes, pasta salad can be healthy…No white pasta drowning in mayo in this healthy pasta salad recipe. Only fresh and good for you ingredients: whole wheat pasta, ripe tomatoes, reduced fat feta cheese, fresh dill, fragrant garlic and…coconut oil. The taste is exquisite! And it’s a pasta salad!

Light Soba Noodles Stir-Fry with Chicken, Kale and Peppers Recipe


Healthy stir fry is a no brainer. Just combine some protein, vegetables and healthy noodles, and you are good to go. Soba noodles are quick to cook, usually made of a whole grain like buckwheat, which means they provide more fiber than wheat or rice noodles. Stir frying these noodles with a bunch of kale and other vegetables is a huge benefit. Also if you can find organic soba noodles like I did that would be great. I paid only $0.80 per package.