Thai Mango Curry with Lentils

Ataulfo mangoes are on special in every grocery store in May, $7-10 a box. Also known as champagne mango, smaller in size than “regular” (Tommy Atkins) mango, and of bright yellow colour, Ataulfo mango is very sweet and might become your new go-to mango. It’s exquisite. Whether in a mango slaw or tuna salad with avocado, champagne mango is not just for dessert. The base of this Thai mango curry consists of usual suspects – onions and Thai curry paste, just like in Thai shrimp curry recipe (where squash adds sweetness similar…
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Sheet Pan Chicken and Potatoes with Roasted Garlic

I can’t declare that this sheet pan chicken and vegetables is the most exciting dish I ever produced, but that is exactly why I turned to a one pan dinner in the first place – I wasn’t very excited about cooking supper. The thing is that it works, in so many ways. So, I thought I would share although the process of roasting chicken, potatoes and broccoli might be the “I’ve been doing this forever” obvious to you, but I won’t know it until I share.

Vegan Asparagus Soup

I specifically named this recipe Vegan Asparagus Soup because there aren’t many. Because iFOODreal is not a vegan blog. Because dairy products seem to get into our meals daily. Because eating less animal products is good for us. I find dairy and meat are readily available for a grab option where as vegetables need labour in order to become a satisfying meal. Because I live a real family life with 2 children being vegan is not an option and I am not convinced it is necessary. Therefore, I do…
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Turkey Bacon Mashed Potatoes

Turkey bacon mashed potatoes with moderate amount of cream cheese, almond milk and pan fried turkey bacon bits. Comfort food without a heart attack. If you still prefer a lighter version of this classic, try cauliflower mashed potatoes that has incredible reviews!!! Just try it, don’t think about the smell or taste. You will be blown away! Also my root vegetable mash is pretty good and healthy too. This month I had to renew my passport and a driver’s license. I specifically didn’t pretty myself up because who…
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Russian Potato Salad

After making zucchini and potato bake, I’m back with another Russian/Ukrainian potato recipe. And yes, it contains dill. I love dill! I quickly made this Russian potato salad on Saturday and we took it to the lake BBQ with friends. If you are looking for more potato recipes, I can’t recommend this Greek yogurt potato salad enough. And for more summer recipes on-the-go, check out my healthy potluck recipes. Russian and Ukrainian cuisines are very similar, not like Polish and Russian though. I’m from Ukraine and Alex is…
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Zucchini and Potato Bake

Combining anything dairy or mayo with garlic, dill, salt and pepper is so popular in Ukrainian cooking. My grandma often baked potatoes with sour cream, dill and garlic. Kind of a version of American scalloped potatoes with exception they were coarsely chopped instead of thinly sliced. I think I know why. A few months ago I made scalloped potatoes and slicing them took me good 30 minutes, I swear. I’m definitely more of a chop and mix everything together girl.

Turkey Meatball Soup

Recipe and photo makeover day. I posted this turkey meatballs soup a while back, but since then a Martha Stewart part of me grew up. My absolutely favourite part of this turkey meatball vegetable soup is leftovers. I usually double the recipe and we eat it for a few days. Usually twice on the day I make it. Kids love this healthy turkey soup and my son has some right away after school and later on for dinner. This soup is also super lean, healthy and super-super easy to make. You will…
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Ground Turkey and Potatoes

This quick ground turkey and potatoes dinner idea is to die for! And before you go “Oh my gosh, potatoes are starch, carbs and make me fat!” I have BIG news for you: potatoes are good for you, especially with skin on. They are full of fiber and complex carbs, combined with lean protein like turkey and stalky/filling greens like broccolini, and you got yourself a bikini body meal! Yes, that’s right – 216 calories, 4 g of fat, 19 g of carbs and 22 g of protein….
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