Pumpkin Protein Oat Bars

These pumpkin protein bars are so scrumptious and guilt-free!!! You would never guess they are healthy, they just don’t taste that. So moist, rich and all things pumpkin. I haven’t used a drop of oil because I thought applesauce + pumpkin puree should do the trick, and I was right. They are also gluten free which apparently is a big thing right now. I’m not following a gluten free diet but I believe in moderation. Sometimes, I bake with whole wheat flour and sometimes with oats, almond meal…
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No Bake Protein Cookies

These no bake protein cookies are a real deal! Sweetened with only 4 dates per the whole batch, they curb the sweet tooth craving without ruining your waistline. My cravings are the worst at night, after dinner or in the afternoon. I’m sure you can relate.:) I first made these no bake protein cookies into protein balls. Then a thought of holding an actual cookie that is chewy, crunchy and chocolatey wouldn’t leave me. So, I turned my balls (sounds weird, I know) into cookies and they were to…
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Caffe Mocha Protein Overnight Oatmeal

  5 minutes and you have a healthy breakfast on-the-go for the next 5 days. This overnight oatmeal is like eating dessert for breakfast – creamy, sweet and chocolate-y. And it has extra coffee that I’m sure any mama needs on a weekday morning. If you are not a fan of protein powder, I have included substitute options. I love using protein powder because it is usually naturally sweetened, so I can keep my food low in sugar. You can use stevia as well.

Chocolate Protein Oatmeal Muffins

Basically, breakfast for “lazy” healthy people who love chocolate and protein. I fit in. And I guarantee you will love these protein oatmeal muffins – simple ingredients, one bowl and can be enjoyed on the go. They are also: freezer friendly, double batch necessary, playground/hockey game snack, purse-able, high in protein, fiber and chocolate. Zucchini make the cups moist and bananas add natural sweetness. No added sugar here. My kids, who hate zucchini, went crazy for these and still haven’t realized it was there. In fact, that’s an awesomeness of…
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Homemade Protein Bars

  The best homemade protein bars I ever made. They are to die for! Delicious, moist and extremely crunchy inside and outside. Every bite feels like a Crispy Crunch bite. You know that bar?! Even if you skip the topping, the protein bars are crunchy. Although that means missing out on toasted almonds and chocolate. How can you skip that and why?! Believe it or not, nutritional info won’t change much if you omit the topping.

Peanut Butter Swirl Banana Protein Muffins

Melt in your mouth moist banana protein muffins made with over ripen bananas, smooth peanut butter, plant based protein powder and quick oats. No flour, no eggs, no added sugar, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and at same time easy. I do not like complicated, people! I bet you have all ingredients on hand now to make these banana protein muffins. Breakfast or snack, you will be blown away with the peanut butter “icing” in each bite you take of these healthy muffins. And who doesn’t like peanut butter, hello?!…
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Banana Oat Protein Muffins

If you are looking for healthy breakfast ideas, look no further. These banana oat protein muffins made with mashed banana, plant based protein powder and rolled oats offer a complete breakfast on the go. Also vegan and gluten free. Ever since I started using MyFitnessPal app to make sure I eat balanced, I was completely blown away how easy I over consumed carbs and didn’t get enough protein. Especially at breakfast time. That’s how these clean eating banana protein muffins were created. With 3 g of healthy fats, 9 g…
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Vegan Protein Brownies

After being completely blown away with black bean brownies recipe, I knew I could take this traditional treat to a new level – make vegan protein brownies. The key was to keep brownies fudgy and low in calories, sugar and carbs. I didn’t mind a bit of healthy fat, therefore I knew vegan version using coconut oil instead of eggs would work. As much as I am a chicken and Greek yogurt girl, I love vegan baking => no bake black bean brownies, simple and healthy. After 3 different…
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Almond Joy Protein Balls Recipe

I have to tell you right away that this protein balls recipe tastes best warm. Just saying because I know many of you do not read the post completely. And I get it, no worries, we are still friends. As soon as I nailed this protein balls recipe and took a first bite, I almost died in heaven! These protein balls came out so soft, fluffy and tender. I didn’t expect that at all because most protein balls are dense. But because I didn’t use dates or any…
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Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Last night was everything someone who wants abs doesn’t do. We had dinner at 7PM, then I worked on a new recipe post, followed by Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives with everyone around me having snacks, then I went to bed and read a few food blogs. Needless to say, by 11PM I was falling asleep starving. Who does that?! A hint, don’t do that. But nothing happened. I didn’t binge, I didn’t die and fell asleep. Hear that?! A self-talk can do a lot. While I was laying in…
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