Protein Peanut Butter Cups

These protein peanut butter cups are creamy, smooth, sweet, salty and light. Simply delish and so easy to make at home. Trust me, with 2 little kids and other stuff, I have no time to bake cakes. Plus it’s spring break. Oh my, is it March 31st yet?! I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate and peanut butter. So, I decided to combine my 2 favourite foods with protein powder for a healthy treat. Kind of like protein Reese’s peanut butter cups. When it comes to chocolate and peanut…
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Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes

These cottage cheese protein pancakes taste like regular pancakes, just not as thick fluffy. Which is perfectly OK because the pancakes are fluffy enough, light and you would never taste the protein powder. And you know the protein pancake recipe is good, when it’s made with pea protein powder and is delicious. Have you ever tasted pea protein powder? No?! Well, let me tell you, that stuff is nasty. It tastes and smells just like plain split peas. But ironically it’s super good for you.:)

Whole Wheat Strawberry Banana Protein Muffins

I have no idea why I have been putting off baking these yellow bundles of joy bursting with fresh strawberries?! Made with only whole wheat flour, protein powder and no added sugar, you get a strawberry flavour with every muffin’s bite. I know why. If you are a baker you know how hard it is to get goods made with only whole wheat flour to rise. And secondly, whey protein could make muffins dry and rubbery. OK, you know how Lululemon bags say “Face one fear a day”?!…
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No Bake Protein+Chocolate+Rice Krispies Cookies

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here is the story behind these cookies. One night wondering through the natural and organic aisles of the Superstore, I stumbled across these: See, when you are a stay at home mom with almost no friends, grocery shopping by yourself at 9 PM is a big deal! I can actually read the labels and kind of fulfill the socializing aspect of my life?! Is that right? Don’t judge, I’m ESL, although a good one. And I don’t care. I don’t!:) I decided to…
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Pina Colada Quinoa Protein Muffins Recipe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin These muffins are a result of a desire to make pina colada cupcakes with coconut frosting and shaved coconut flakes on top, an effort to keep up with the grain and flour free desserts trend and a curiosity of what happens if you add quinoa to muffins. Somewhere down the road came along protein. Shocking?! I know.

Chocolate Protein Cookies

After seeing how much you guys loved whey protein cookie recipe, I feel like it’s time to deliver new cookie recipe.:) These chocolate protein cookies are any chocolate lover’s dream and what girl doesn’t like chocolate?! Double chocolate, moist, sweet, a bit chewy and high in protein. Everything you are looking for in a protein cookie! And don’t throw away brown bananas and going bad avocados just yet…

Protein Fudge

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fudge, fudge, fudge…Creamy, buttery, soft, crunchy, sweet, salty and … fudgy. All together at the same time. Do I have your attention yet?! Easy chocolate fudge with protein powder recipe. No baking and comes together in 10 minutes. So easy, way easier than the Protein Truffles. Well, you will have to freeze it for 3 hours but it’s idle time, right?! You can just make more protein fudge while you are waiting for the first batch of fudge to settle in the freezer.

Protein Coconut Macaroons

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Famous coconut macaroons with protein powder and chia seeds to boost the protein nutritional value. Your body will thank you for these because these healthy cookies have no sugar added, no flour, are gluten free and vegetarian. I have no idea where this idea came from, but I had this idea and I was obsessed. I had to make these cookies! A bit crunchy on the outside, absolutely moist and soft inside.

Strawberry Protein Cake Bars

These Strawberry Protein Cake Bars won’t taste like any “diet” food! Sweet, moist and fluffy. You won’t even taste the garbanzo beans. And I promise you won’t miss the whipping cream either. Only 96 calories, 5.8 g of sugar & 2 WW points+ per bar. Pinch me. A whole new level of clean eating and dessert snacking. And by the way, I was snacking on these protein bars as I was writing my April Income Report, Blogging Tips & Life.

Garbanzo Bean Vanilla Protein Cake Recipe

Summer is coming and it means fresh berries, cool drinks and light desserts. I’ve had a trifle recipe on my mind for quite a while now. Just need the berry season to arrive. I also was looking for a basic vanilla cake recipe to use instead of traditional sponge cake. I spent many evenings in my bed thinking how to make it. And thought why not to take my protein chocolate cake and make it a vanilla one with some adjustments.