Grilled Peach, Avocado and Chicken Kale Quinoa Salad

Three things are grilled here: peaches, avocado and chicken. Then mixed with nutty quinoa and crunchy kale, sprinkled with feta for a savoury kick. And all of this Grilled Peach Salad is literally swimming in out of this world healthy Peach Ginger Dressing. One of the best salads I ever tasted and made! And one of the best ideas I ever had for a salad dressing…Sweet, zesty and spicy. We had the salad for dinner with a glass of chilled Moscato sitting on a patio. For dessert: organic…
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Blueberry, Avocado and Toasted Pecans Quinoa Salad

  Healthy one meal salad with Lime Basil Dressing. Perfect for summer and keeps well refrigerated. Did I tell you, guys, I stopped eating any bread products? Even Ezekiel ones?! Just occasionally I would eat half a toast with peanut butter. It happened unintentionally. By eating more whole foods like grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits, I had no room left for bread. And yes, I did see a change in my body definition. This quinoa salad is one of my new whole food meals inspired by Dara’s of Cookin…
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Chicken and Garden Veggies Quinoa Skillet

Sautéed chicken with bell peppers, zucchini, broccoli and quinoa. All in one quinoa skillet and takes less than 40 minutes to make. I do love simple dinners and my chicken. My garden is not overflowing with vegetables but my local farm market is.

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad Recipe

  I posted Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad Recipe last year but the pictures didn’t do justice to it. Plus, quite frankly, I wasn’t testing my recipes thoroughly back then. With hot summer days being here (when did that happen?!) I decided to give this salad a makeover. Fresh, crunchy, lemony and minty, this salad is perfect for your next backyard party and will keep your kitchen cool.

Coconut Chia and Quinoa Granola

I have never been a fan of granola until I made this Coconut Chia and Quinoa Granola. All things roasted, toasted, sweet, crunchy and superfood that’s good for you. Oh-ehm-dzhee. I officially like granola now! My granola. Not the store bought one though. I don’t know, it just doesn’t taste fresh to me and is sooooo sweet, I can’t take it. Even the organic one. First of all, roasted quinoa is to die for. Just like that, roast from dry and uncooked. And I hope I don’t have…
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Japanese Quinoa Salad Recipe

  Quick gluten free salad with edamame, cucumbers, scallions and Ginger Soy & Sesame dressing. I love Japanese food. In fact, that’s the only food we eat when we go out. Because it is hard to prepare good quality sushi and sashimi at home, I’m willing to spend money on it. So, it was nice to make this quinoa salad at home and enjoy my favourite Japanese flavours of the Ginger Soy & Sesame dressing combined with edamame beans, eggs, carrots, cucumbers, scallions and sesame seeds.

Quinoa Egg Muffins with Broccoli

With Easter upon us, these quinoa egg muffins would be a great addition to your Easter brunch or breakfast table. Equally they would be fantastic for a Mother’s Day brunch, Christmas Day breakfast and more importantly – weekdays. These quinoa egg muffins are quick, packed with lean protein and complex carbs, keep well in a fridge and can be frozen. I do not make eggs for breakfast during the week because I simply do not have time. Between packing 2 kids for school/daycare, squeezing in a work out and getting…
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Quinoa Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Many years ago, while attending university, I used to work part-time at the post office located inside huge drug mart. I never brought dinner to work because there were freezers full of chicken pot pies for $0.99. Why would I bother to cook if there was so much cheap food at work. I’d rather get enough beauty sleep for my next Russian party. Yes, who needs to cook when you are busy partying (and studying)?! Then, after I had kids, I transitioned to a Betty Crocker chicken pot…
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Lime Quinoa and Chicken Soup

This quinoa and chicken soup is a Mexican version of North American chicken soup. As soon as I saw Lindsay’s Jalapeño Lime Chicken Soup, I was in love with the flavours. She has many great ideas and is a pro in making comfort Mexican food. My recipe is completely different but incorporates the same flavours – fresh lime, jalapeños, cilantro and is served with multigrain tortilla chips. As I was preparing the soup, it wasn’t in my plans to post it on the blog at this time. But…
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Sun-dried Tomato and Feta Quinoa Cakes

I love quinoa in any shape or form. Well, except in breakfast cereal and bars (do you have good recipe?! Please share). Quinoa makes amazing side dish, salad or a casserole (my favourite). It is new superfood and for a good reason – full of protein, complex carbs and high in soluble fiber. And it cooks in 12 minutes versus 45 minutes like brown rice does. Quinoa can be pricey if bought in small packages. That’s why I always buy TruRoots 4lb bag of quinoa at Costco. Making quinoa cakes…
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