Slow Cooker Porcupine Meatballs with Brown Rice

My Monday morning was unrolling so lovely. I was looking forward to working on these slow cooker porcupine meatballs post after posting my first ever What I Ate Weekend post. Kids were up early due to a time change. No rain. Laundry in. Lovely. Everything was going lovely. I even texted Alex how lovely our weekend was (we even started a 1000 piece puzzle which I think I’m the only one excited about, girls vs. boys) and how blessed we are. Amen. A beeping noise from upstairs and our…
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Loaded Healthy Cream of Carrot Soup

Healthy cream of carrot soup made with carrots from Alberta. And potatoes too. Then paprika and coriander fried, of course, with onion and garlic. Everything cooked in homemade chicken stock with tender organic chicken. Yes, you can use store bought to save on time but not money. Depends on a day. I get it. My garage’s floor is covered with bags and boxes lined with newspaper full of mom’s earthy produce. Not exaggerating at all, she brought about 20 lbs of tomatoes, 15 lbs of beets, 30 lbs of potatoes…
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Peanut Butter Rice with Cruciferous Vegetables

On Saturday I missed farmers market because we went hiking on Mount Baker again. It was our dear Calgary friends’ last day in Vancouver so we wanted to make it memorable. Plus Alex just got back from Israel after one of the most stressful weeks of his life (see last post). He wanted a breath of fresh air and to resume normal life ASAP. These two reasons were worth missing piles of cabbage, cauliflower and potatoes. I decided to catch up shopping at my grocery store’s organic section on Sunday….
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Frozen Vegetables Stir Fry

I might as well call this recipe “Costco stir fry”. It is about time Costco pays me for 1,000 times I said “Costco” on my blog. Unfortunately, I think Costco is doing pretty fine without me. Sigh. So, no free coconut oil, Dave’s killer bread or PEI medley. What on Earth is Prince Edward medley anyways? Is that a Canadian thing? Is it sold in the US? Enlighten my Ukrainian brain please. Anyways, I grabbed this humongous Costco size bag of frozen vegetables for 4 main reasons: Organic. Cheap. It…
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Hearty Minestrone Soup

Hearty minestrone soup recipe back from 2013, which I made while visiting mom’s farm in Alberta and used my son’s red T-shirt as “a napkin” for a photoshoot. Needless to say pictures needed a makeover, however the recipe was tip-top. Clearly on a million acres farm in +10 C summer days there was not much to do except watch TV, cook and drink wine. I still can’t believe I drove 1,100 kms each way with 2 little kids all by myself and gave Alex a 2 weeks vacation. Just like…
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Brown Rice and Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Chicken stuffed peppers are wonderful because bell peppers are easy vegetables to be stuffed (unlike cabbage leaves, hence Lazy Man Cabbage Rolls) and anything goes as for the stuffing. Therefore, the detailed name because I am planning on posting many other stuffing variations. Bell peppers are on a Dirty Dozen list so I’m taking an advantage of Fall farmer’s market while I can still get bell peppers grown without pesticides and herbicides. Organic bell peppers are pricey and we usually use them for snacks in winter.

Brown Rice Pudding

In the past few weeks, me and Alex got sooooo tired of an oatmeal for breakfast. In any shape or form. I have bought a tub of cottage cheese with intentions of making a crustless zucchini quiche but then remembered last time it gave me some stomachache (I suspect too heavy on dairy). So, I thought why not to make brown rice pudding instead that we could enjoy for breakfasts?! Similar to this Steel Cut Oats and Quinoa Bake but without oats.

Summer Fried Brown Rice

I love making fried rice because sky is the limit in terms of ingredients and it is a great “fridge cleaner”. I made one mistake this time by making it in a wok because I simply forgot to use a large skillet to make the rice crispy. In a wok, it comes out more steamed than fried. And crispy rice is the most fun part – crunchy, oily and fried previously cooked rice. It can be fried in a wok in restaurants because the heat is so high but at home…
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Cilantro Coconut Brown Rice

This coconut brown rice turned out fantastic! I need an assistant. Sigh. My brain is literally exploding with recipe ideas, I have time to make 50% of them, the rest is in my dreams. I have enough energy to post about 4 recipes a week. Right now I have 4 recipes photographed and ready to go but who would edit pictures and write up the recipe for me?! I love cooking and writing the actual post but admin part of my blog drives me bananas. Not to mention…
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Black Bean and Rice Burritos

Holy burritos, I have burnt 8 out of 10 fingers while figuring out how to roll a whole wheat tortilla without breaking it! I completely understand why there are so many recipes with white flour tortillas but those recipes are not for us. No need for them either as I managed to roll these babies up good enough for freezing and my boys not giving me looks what’s on their plate. And these black bean and rice burritos were delicious, filled with all plant-based goodness!