Miso Marinated Chicken

This miso marinated chicken is one of those recipes that you can quickly throw together and forget about for a few days, preparing in advance for the occasion (Father’s Day?!) or cook as time allows (going camping?!). Perfectly seasoned, juicy and super easy miso marinated chicken recipe that is a sure crowd pleaser, for adults and kids. Miso marinade for chicken is based on miso paste, a fermented mix of soy and rice that is rich in probiotics. You can pick it up in a refrigerated health/natural food section of…
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Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad

I keep working on my relationship with butternut squash => honey garlic butternut squash. I made a rule to buy it every few weeks and just “go for it” in the kitchen. Today in a form of butternut squash quinoa salad with dried fruits, smoked paprika and buttery warm dressing. Where paprika is not just paprika and “butter” is not really a butter.