Spaghetti Squash Boats Tex Mex

Oh-ehm-dzhee, guys. These spaghetti squash boats is one of the best dinners I made in a while (at least since my dinner eBook came out I haven’t posted many dinners)! The texture, the flavour, the smell and the calories…all to die for! What a great light dinner, and it wasn’t hard. I don’t do hard, I’m “lazy”. I had these 2 spaghetti squash laying in my fridge and no plan. I have made spaghetti squash casserole before and wanted to try the boats. Since this recipe came out, I…
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Shrimp Puffs

Store bought appetizers are full of bad stuff (that’s me being very nice), expensive and do not compare in taste. We are not friends. Instead I make shrimp puffs and then feed you. And then you feed your peeps and send them over here for a recipe. We got a deal.:) Oh, and these can be prepped ahead of time. So….Shrimp puffs are finger food appetizer that is perfect for Holidays season. Traditionally made with puff pastry, which I swapped for spaghetti squash. It added body and texture I…
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Spaghetti Squash with Pesto Recipe

If you are a fan of pesto then you will like this recipe. I find pesto belongs to “love or hate it” foods. This pesto sauce is super healthy. Made with spinach, barely any oil and sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts. Sunflower seeds are lower in calories, fat and higher in protein than traditionally used pine nuts. That’s why I chose them.