Whole Wheat Strawberry Banana Protein Muffins

I have no idea why I have been putting off baking these yellow bundles of joy bursting with fresh strawberries?! Made with only whole wheat flour, protein powder and no added sugar, you get a strawberry flavour with every muffin’s bite. I know why. If you are a baker you know how hard it is to get goods made with only whole wheat flour to rise. And secondly, whey protein could make muffins dry and rubbery. OK, you know how Lululemon bags say “Face one fear a day”?!…
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No Flour+Protein Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Follow my blog with Bloglovin No, I did not add protein powder to the crumble. Although I must admit after an explosive popularity of protein powder goodies among my readers, I was tempted to do so… Remember I told you last week our butter-cream friends came over and I made them this spinach and feta dip?! So, they brought over a berry crumble. They always make me eat desserts, otherwise we might not be friends. It was good! Who doesn’t like a berry crumble or a crisp made with fresh berries in…
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Strawberry Protein Cake Bars

These Strawberry Protein Cake Bars won’t taste like any “diet” food! Sweet, moist and fluffy. You won’t even taste the garbanzo beans. And I promise you won’t miss the whipping cream either. Only 96 calories, 5.8 g of sugar & 2 WW points+ per bar. Pinch me. A whole new level of clean eating and dessert snacking.