Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

Originally published in 2015. It is cold and crisp in PNW. -4 C in the morning is borderline state of emergency on the West Coast. I have a good laugh watching neighbours covering their cars with blankets after living in Alberta for 8 years. There, you turn heater on in the morning and AC in the afternoon in summer. Only in Alberta. In winter, plug your car below -25 C and other times just make sure to always have that scraper thing.

Thai Salmon

In our household, we have been enjoying this Thai salmon with sweet chili sauce for 14 years now. In winter, I bake it in the oven and in summer months Alex grills it on a soaked in water cedar plank. Second version is unbelievable tasty but oven method is as good minus the cedar smoky flavour. Ever since we went 80% organic (=> organic on a budget – 120 cheap organic foods), we are more aware of GMOs and coming up with a homemade version of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe…
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Thai Chicken Bites

Budget friendly appetizer that comes together in minutes with very simple ingredients. This homemade Thai sweet chili sauce recipe fits all clean eating criteria, which you know is hard to find in a store. It is also super quick to make. My neighbour brought very similar Thai chicken bites to out Christmas party a few weeks ago and everybody loved them. I loved how meat was not the main focus of the dish and with all other organic ingredients it was pretty wholesome, which we know is rare…
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Thai Shrimp Curry with Squash

I love homemade Thai food: Thai mango curry, slow cooker Thai chicken thighs and Thai salmon. This Thai shrimp curry is one of those weeknight dinners quickly thrown together in a skillet and you have a healthy restaurant quality meal. Easy curry with coconut milk, shrimp, butternut squash and a blend of simple Thai spices, this curry is quick, decadent and with a bit of a fiery kick. Not too much because of little people. You can definitely kick the heat up a notch by adding more curry…
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Pad Thai Zucchini Noodles Salad

Oh my, this cold and saucy Pad Thai Zucchini Noodles Salad wow-ed me and I thought I can’t surprise myself anymore. Somehow, for the longest time I thought bean sprouts would go so well together with zucchini noodles, and I was right. Crunchy and fresh veggies, combined with lightly browned tofu, scrambled eggs, sweet shrimp, roasted peanuts and “drowning” in healthy version of Pad Thai sauce.

Thai Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bowl Recipe

  Lean chicken, crunchy veggies, toasted cashews, fresh cilantro tossed with lime juice, fish sauce and tamari. I love Thai food but haven’t had it in a while because, let’s say, it isn’t light. Lately, we have been taking boys to the pool on Fridays (and more) and after going out for a dinner. We always end up at a sushi restaurant because it’s easy to eat clean there. Last time, boys wanted Thai. We ended up at the Japanese restaurant again (guess who insisted?!) but I made…
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Thai Kale Chicken Salad

I love one meal salads like shrimp orzo salad, Greek yogurt pasta salad, chicken quinoa kale salad, and this Thai Kale Chicken Salad is one of them. Traditional Thai flavours meet superfood – kale. Raw kale, fresh mango, lean chicken breast & roasted unsalted peanuts drizzled with Lime Chili Vinaigrette, make this salad a complete healthy meal. Only 324 calories and 8 WW points+ for 2 cups.