Lettuce Tomato Cucumber Salad

In Ukraine, there are as many variations of lettuce tomato cucumber salad as there are cooks. I grew up eating this salad in summer and it was always different depending on what was in my grandma’s garden and fridge. This is my version of traditional Eastern European garden salad, and believe it or not, it contains no garlic, rather one secret ingredient that makes this salad SO MUCH better than any other garden salads. I based my chickpea avocado salad on this lettuce tomato cucumber salad, and this shrimp avocado tomato…
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Baby Kale Salad Recipe with Feta and Tomatoes

If you are bored of kale and quinoa (I am!), try baby kale! I am dead serious – baby kale tastes nothing like kale. Odd but true. Last week, this baby kale salad recipe was a breath of fresh air. With leftover brown rice, julienned sun dried tomatoes, sweet grape tomatoes from Mexico, toasted pine nuts, salty feta cheese, a crazy amount of fresh basil and homemade Greek vinaigrette. Nowadays, we use full grown kale for making smoothies and maybe an occasional sweet kale salad recipe because it is…
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Sweet Potato and Eggs One Pan Dinner

These sweet potatoes and eggs. This one pan dinner came out of sheer desire to eat a wholesome dinner and my lack of energy. Kid have sports around dinner time, so I either make dinner before or after, and it gotta be quick. I’m exhausted either at 4PM or at 6:30PM. So tired that I decided to cut sweet potatoes in half instead of chopping. Similar to sweet potato skillet tired.

Sun Dried Tomato Soup

This post is brought to you by high quality German brand Braun and the juiciest summer beefsteak tomatoes ever. We just got back from Osoyoos. We did sooooo much in blasting +35C heat – laid by the pool for 2 days straight. That is it, my friends. I really enjoyed doing nothing and could do that for another week. On the way back we stopped at probably 10 fruit and vegetable stands coming back with 20 lbs of cherries, 10 lbs of peaches and a big bag of juiciest…
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Farmers Market Kale Tacos

On Saturday we slept in. Can you believe it there was no hockey?! Wait, we did go to our friends’ boy lacrosse game and then to Boston Pizza for dinner later. So, not like a weekend without a rink. But before that Alex made a lazy brunch with like 15 eggs and then I headed out to the farmers market. To buy more eggs. It was pouring rain. Seriously, is it summer yet where you live?! El Niño definitely left us. It was like +14C. No wonder I was…
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Ukrainian Dill Coleslaw

Moving to West Coast 8 years ago made me feel the way I never expected to – I miss snow (just sometimes). A powder that squeaks under heavy footsteps. The one that makes entire world so quiet. I used to have it every winter as a kid. Once a week after dinner my uncle would order me and my cousin to dress warm. We would pull on real fur and leather winter boots, put on rabbit knitted toques and tighten the belts on wool coats. Grab a linen bag and we…
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