Tuna Salad With Avocado and Mango

Yes, I went there – I took tuna salad and loaded it with a bunch of fruit, drizzled with tangy homemade full fat yogurt dressing and added a big handful of dill. Now I can enjoy more than just canned salmon salad recipe. Here is my beef with canned tuna – it is dry and flavourless. I’m not like my 10 year old who can eat tuna straight from the can, I think it is bizarre. I buy a 6 pack of tuna (see my healthy Costco shopping list) for kids’…
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Healthy Tuna Melt Recipe

If you are stressing about serving made from scratch, over 45 minutes prep time hot dinners to your family every night, please stop! In the last year, I have burnt out many times mainly due to non-stop cooking of full 3 meals every day. No sandwiches for lunch, no pizza pockets for dinner or chocolate milk for a snack. All from scratch and better be higher in protein because if not, I will get fat. Yeah, and work out 5 days a week and run a full-time business while…
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Grilled Spicy Cilantro Fish Kebabs

  Grilled fish kebabs – tuna marinated in a simple marinade of cilantro, apple cider vinegar and Tabasco for as little as 30 minutes and then quickly grilled. I promised you lots of grilled recipes and I am a deliverer (besides an over promised and under delivered cauliflower mac and cheese => I will get there, I promise). I’m also spicing up all 5 recipes with Tabasco® original sauce this week. If you are a spicy food hater, you might want to check back next Monday. Quick fact…
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Healthy High Protein & Low Fat Tuna Salad Recipe

High Protein Low Fat Tuna Salad Recipe

You know those tub salads you can find at any grocery store?! Potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw salad, seafood salad etc. They make me cringe. Just their look – white carbs and starches, drenching in cups and cups of mayo, sitting in plastic container for days. Coleslaw is the worst one. Why is it so unnaturally green?! I think I tried that tub macaroni salad once.