Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

      Soft and moist little breads made 100% whole wheat, sweetened only with dates (except maple syrup in topping and filling – that’s an FYI for my PD commenters), filled with scrumptious organic cream cheese and topped with out of this world cinnamon pepita crumb topping. And of course, pumpkin in every bite with a bit of cream cheese. These whole wheat pumpkin muffins have a spot on amount of pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and cream cheese. Delicious!

Whole Wheat Apple Spice Muffins Recipe

These muffins are 100% whole wheat, naturally sweetened with dates, contain generous amount of apples, Fall spices and heavenly cinnamon sugar topping in every bite. Super moist, fluffy and light. Nobody would ever guess these whole wheat apple muffins are healthy! I made four batches of these apple muffins in the last two weeks just to make sure the recipe works with both spelt and whole wheat flours. I have a huge bag of sprouted spelt flour I got from Costco and it makes delicate and fluffy baked goods….
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Pumpkin Crumb Protein Muffins Recipe

Moist, tender and full of pumpkin flavour muffins with the most delicious crumb topping – bits of pecans (or walnuts) caramelized in maple syrup with hints of salt and cinnamon. And they are good for you filled with protein, healthy fats and sweetened with dates. Perfect for snack, breakfast and school lunches. My kids devoured these pumpkin protein muffins in minutes and they are picky with muffins. You wouldn’t find these muffins chalky if you use good quality plant-based protein powder. My top picks are VEGA and Orgain. I stand…
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Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe

“Nay” to drinking wine & spirits and “Yay” to baking stage in my life goes on… Now that my freezer is stocked with No Bake Peanut Butter Pie (I seriously can’t even look at it anymore = wish you were my neighbours) and Valentine’s Day is next week (hint-hint, honey), I crave all things chocolate. Like who doesn’t like chocolate?! If you don’t, that makes you not human and leaves more of THIS for us. I really don’t bake have never baked much until recently. Whaaaaaaaaat?! As much as I hate…
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Whole Wheat Chia Pretzels Recipe

These whole wheat pretzels are so easy, healthy and oh so much fun to make with kids. I know many of you, including myself, are scared of the yeast dough. I’m more of a salad and crock pot girl and I pulled these off. I remember one night my mom came home from work and said she had amazing buns recipe. FYI, my mom is not a baker at ALL. Like not a tiny bit. So, she made the dough and it wouldn’t rise. She made a second…
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Whole Wheat Strawberry Banana Protein Muffins

I have no idea why I have been putting off baking these yellow bundles of joy bursting with fresh strawberries?! Made with only whole wheat flour, protein powder and no added sugar, you get a strawberry flavour with every muffin’s bite. I know why. If you are a baker you know how hard it is to get goods made with only whole wheat flour to rise. And secondly, whey protein could make muffins dry and rubbery. OK, you know how Lululemon bags say “Face one fear a day”?!…
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Protein Chocolate Cake

One ingredient in this protein chocolate cake recipe will shock you but you’ll never be able to taste it. This started out as a protein brownie recipe experiment and ended up as a chocolate cake with an amazing no butter coconut frosting. Honestly, I have no regrets and will attempt to recreate it as a brownie on a later day (vegan protein brownies) but for now my whole family is enjoying the way it is. The kids eat it super fast, do not ask for any food for…
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